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  1. thanks for the share! :-D
  2. I've been successful using Handbrake with DVD Shrink... what I normally do is use DVD Shrink to copy all the contents from a DVD disc then convert it to an iPhone/iPod compatible movie file... been successful 100%.
  3. from Nigeria, now FBI? WTF? scammers resorting to different ways of manipulating people.
  4. Hi Guys, Good day! I would like to ask you input regarding this topic. I have recently installed the latest AVG (Free) AV software on different platforms (XP/Vista/7) and it prompted that it's only a 30-day trial software. If I'm not mistaken before they had a limited AV software that is FREE for a lifetime. Is this is recent change from AVG? Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and it's very educational to learn from the seasoned IT Professionals and enthusiast about tips and tricks...

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