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  1. I have already look files inside LIPSetup.msi and there is no files to explain silent installation ! I look inside various LIPSetup.msi language files and there is no explainations. I know you want absolutely install LIPSetup.msi at T-12, but I think you must use first sysprep on your computer with the commands given previously! HTH
  2. Because this can't be installed at T-12 like this ! Like at shared it's needed to install with Audit mod and it's made by OEM manufacturers! *Edit: And I think Windows XP must have an preactivated valid key !
  3. @chymax3m You can try changing the folder name "WPI ProEngineer v 4.2" to WPI I see some words and sentences are too long! However I found no trouble testing with my config.js file.
  4. However you can install LIPSetup.msi after Windows XP silent installation is done !
  5. Maybe that can help about error 1641 (a reboot is needed) with: Sharepoint Designer\2007\setup.exe Office IT blog pro *Edit: I updated my previous post about Installer.hta. It's not needed to change the script ! Regards
  6. Well, I never tried to install LIP on Windows XP. I think it's needed to use sysprep on the computer to use the methods given above! Sorry, I can't give more help because I never use to integrate LIP on Windows XP. Maybe some other members can give you a better answer about the silent installation with LIP ?
  7. Thanks! Keep this code inside Installer.hta <style type="text/css"> img, div, input, span { behavior: url("../WPIScripts/iepngfix.htc") } </style> Regards *Edit: It's not needed to change this script and the error was trying to make changes inside Installer.hta Regards
  8. You will find MUISETUP.EXE (MUISETUP.EX_) inside your Windows XP CD inside I386 folder. This one will be used with LIPSetup.msi for silent install. This is not the same given for MUI language packs !
  9. For your LIP: 0c1a Serbe (cyrillique) LIPSetup.msi Српски (ћирилица) интерфејс пакет за оперативни систем Windows® XP Requieres Genuine validation ! Update for Windows XP SP2
  10. Yes I know there is a difference between MUI and LIP and if you read carefully I explain that (the process is not the same) ! I translated (verbatim) the French documentation to English to give you some help. It seems MUISETUP.EXE is included with original CD LIP ! Frequently Asked Questions Windows XP Language Interface Pack Language packs
  11. Yes, it's possible! But now I see that all Microsoft's links are removed about explaination to integrate LIP on Windows XP! I found french documentation, and used to install MUI French language pack successfully (process is not the same), but I don't remember where ! 1 - LIP kits languages can be installed only with 32bit Windows XP version, but they can't be installed on a computer who have MUI language pack already installed or previously installed ! 2 - We can install only ONE LIP. I we want install another LIP we must uninstall the one previously installed 3 - Copy the CD-ROM files LIP inside a subfolder: %DistributionFolder%\OPKTools\Updates\LIP 4 - Preinstall application: msiexec /i \\server_name\\OpkTools\LIP\MUISETUP.EXE /q %WINDIR%\mui\fallback\LCID\profupd.exe /l LCID_value 5 - LCID_value and language: 0402 = Bulgare 0403 = Catalan 041a = Croate 0425 = Estonien 0439 = Hindi 0426 = Letton 0427 = Lituanien 0418 = Roumain 0c1a = Serbe (cyrillique) 081a = Serbe (latin) 041e = Thaï 0422 = Ukrainien ------------------------ 0424 = Slovène * 041b = Slovaque * This method create the section below inside: Winbom.ini [OemRunOnce] "PackageName1","msiexec /i \\server\\OpkTools\Updates\LIP\MUISETUP.EXE\LIPSetup.msi /q" "PackageName2","c:\windows\mui\fallback\LCID_value\profupd.exe /l LCID_value" For Slovène and Slovaque LIP (*) msiexec /i \\server_name\\OpkTools\Updates\LIP\MUISETUP.EXE /l LCID_value /s /r This method create the section below inside: Winbom.ini [OemRunOnce] "PackageName1","msiexec /i \\server\\OpkTools\Updates\LIP\MUISETUP.EXE /l LCID_value /s /r" LIP will be installed with "Audit mod" HTH
  12. It's needed to take care with the spaces and specify the full path ! Example with WPI: cmds[pn]=['"%WPIPath%\\Install\\ITunes\\SetupAdmin.exe"','msiexec.exe /i "%WPIPath%\\Install\\ITunes\\iTunes.msi" /qn','msiexec.exe /i "%WPIPath%\\Install\\ITunes\\QuickTime.msi" /qn','msiexec.exe /i "%WPIPath%\\Install\\ITunes\\AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi" /qn','msiexec.exe /i "%WPIPath%\\Install\\ITunes\\AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi" /qn','msiexec.exe /i "%WPIPath%\\Install\\ITunes\\Bonjour.msi" /qn']; Or: msiexec.exe /i "%SystemDrive%\Install\ITunes\iTunes.msi" /qn
  13. About icon inside WPI Installer, I suggest as test to try to change inside the file, to display the wpi.ico: Installer.hta change: <script type="text/javascript"> document.write('<script type="text/javascript"' + ('<HTA:APPLICATION ID="oWPI_Installer"' + ' application="yes"' + ' singleInstance="yes"' + ' applicationName="Windows Post-Install Wizard Installer"' + ' version="'+ShortVersion+'"' + ' icon=""' + ' border="dialog"' + ' borderStyle="normal"' + ' innerBorder="no"' + ' caption="yes"' + ' sysMenu="no"' + ' contextMenu="no"' + ' minimizeButton="no"' + ' maximizeButton="no"' + ' navigable="yes"' + ' scroll="no"' + ' scrollFlat="no"' + ' selection="no"' + ' showInTaskBar="yes"' + ' windowState="normal"' + ' />') + ' </' + 'script>'); </script> Icon used downloading the Avatar.png on the web site (changing to WPI.ico with GIMP): Installer window Tested and works fine! The icon will be fixed inside Installer and it seems start is faster ! Thanks to check if it's OK. Regards WPI Installer icon *Edit: french manual updated (added Comparison operator ===) http://www.mediafire.com/#6696bficr91ar *Edit: script updated *Edit2: However, the window Installer can be resized using the script above!
  14. Yes! 1 - Select inside: Options\Features: uncheck "Show extra buttons" *Note: If you uncheck this feature no buttons will appear ! 2 - This can be done inside the file wpi.css. Browse to C:\WPI\Themes\Win7\wpi.css Open (with Notepad) the file and look at line 176: .navTxt (line 180 for the color) You can change the color for the text for the icons on the left with the color of your choice ! Save your wpi.css file. Try it! WPI Fonts and Colors
  15. You don't need to remove those options buttons... However you can, if you want, remove at the root of WPI "ReadMe.txt" and inside WPI\Manual remove "Manual.txt" and those buttons won't appear! When you have customized your WPI with your silent applications the buttons doesn't appear at startup during silent installation. Check inside Features these options and select the ones you need. First to read the manual (and use Google translation if needed) !
  16. However, it seems to solve the little slight leftward movement it's needed also to change inside: themewizardtemplate_tooltips.htm Move </div> to line 503 and </div> to line 525 like this: <div id="TextPaddingValue" class="opTxt" style="width:3em;"></div> <div id="TransparencyValue" class="opTxt" style="width:3em;"></div> Thanks and regards *Edit: Move </div> to line 10 inside aboutwpitemplate_changelog.htm <div id="ChangeLog" class="opTxt" style="width:100%; height:225px; overflow:auto;"></div>
  17. Very nice! The trouble about the slight leftward movement of the window seems solved writing all lines inside lang_fr.js like lang_en.js ! (line numbers strictly similar and text corresponding (order)) lang_fr.js file updated: Thanks and regards *Edit: given
  18. I see a strange behaviour using Theme\Tooltips ! This was already the case before and it's not an issue! Sometimes the right pane move to the left when we select a path to choose an image (or using other options) inside the window. I think this happens when we make changes using some font size ! Regards
  19. I use this workaround to install Fonts with WPI: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158272-languages-themes-manuals-mods/page__view__findpost__p__1026945 Thanks to check if it's OK. Regards
  20. It seems the member banned fostersara8 have also another name emmawins ! http://www.msfn.org/...28-fostersara8/ Subject: fostersara8 replied to Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods MIME-Version: 1.0 Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 04:28:33 +0000 http://www.msfn.org/...72842-emmawins/ Subject: emmawins replied to Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods MIME-Version: 1.0 Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 08:53:25 +0000 Same message received with same images link! Regards
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