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  1. Plz help with installing W10 on a tablet

    Well I've managed to install Win 10 on tablet with USB hub but touch screen still doesn't respond while windows is running although it works inside of UEFI/BIOS. Device manager shows that all driver are installed correctly. Yes, sound doesn't working too.
  2. I've spent two days trying to install Windows 10 on a Lenovo tablet without success. I've downloaded Media Creation Tool, created bootable OS media, started with installation and when first dialog window has shown I cannot do anything more because touch screen doesn't accept input information (although it works with system installed). After that I tried with unattended file but it always shows error related with protected partition. Desperately tried with different PE boot disks to completely wipe SSD memory but I couldn't do anything because of nonacceptance of keyboard and mouse. It seems that disk was locked by Bitlocker and my friend trying to remove protection has been deleted main partition but not the rest of disk (although I am not sure in that). Does anybody can suggest what to do? regards
  3. Brothas thank you very much for the help but that's not what I'm looking for Name of our topic is: "How to install LIPSetup.msi file from cmdlines.txt?" We have to conclude that it is not possible to do, right? Instead of WPI I've decided to embed files from LIPSetup in my desired WXP disk on a tricky way. 1) I made a new installation inside VM software and installed LIPSetup.msi after that. 2) I copied all .dll, .cpl and .exe files contained inside LIP and translated them into CAB format as DL_, EX_ etc. It wasn't such a hard job as I expected. Only one thing is still unsolved. Namely, I don't know where to put LIP's html files from %\Windows\Help\MySupport and %\System32\oobe\mui\0c1a Also, dunno what to do with XML files from %\Windows\srchasst\mui\0c1a Exaxtly, I'll have to find WXP english CAB file where the same files are placed and simply replace them.
  4. I've thought that only admin can do that I'm a newbie in the field of unattended installations. As I can see, you suggest to use a WPI method with something like this: ['msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\\Install\\Shrink\\LIPSetup.msi" /qn'] where I have to put this code? And why we have "\\" ?
  5. I tried with MUISETUP instructions from MSFN but without results.
  6. Hmmm..... I also tried with Google but I couldn't find them. I didn't use Sysprep in the past. Today I installed XP into VBox and tried to explore possibilities of Sysprep. Of course, everything I did following instructions. After restarting my folder C:\Sysprep always disappeared with all files inside. .
  7. What I have to do with this now? To make a blank new installation of XPSP3 and after that to install LIP there? After that to create a inf file which I'll integrate somewhere into my localized WXP?
  8. I've never worked with Sysperep, to be honest Can you catch what are files with extension .mui from: \\SourceDir\Windows\mui\Fallback\0c1a ? I've checked with a resource editor and these files contain translated resources. Is it possible by your opinion tu remove .mui extension and install them directly instead of english language files? I've just tried. It is not possible. that files contains resources only, without any code.
  9. what do you think about direct embedding of LIP files into installation disk? It isn't a big problem for some files like .DL_ As I told before, I hoped to find a file inside .msi which will explain to installer where to put some files. I have no idea how msinstall.exe can install these files without any instruction :-/
  10. Yes, of course, I can. I don't know why but at T-12 installation starts, finishes up to the end and rollbacks after that.
  11. It is interesting that I couldn't find any file inside this .msi bundle which could explain to installer where to store files inside XP Windows directory.
  12. I intended to do that 7-8 years ago but as you can see, I didn't ))) Thank you to the shown will to help, buddy! I hope that I'll find somebody who had the same problems. In any case, as the last solution, I'll try to integrate LIP files directly into OS system files.