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  1. I recently encountered problems adding Ubuntu, ubcd5.x and Parted Magic, all use grub4dos method, with 1.0 beta8. ubcd5.x can load into the menu, but several utility failed to work, include Parted Magic(pmagic-xxx.sqfs not found error). Ubuntu: even a single iso installation won't work. loading it simply restart my PC. Official 12.10 iso distribution used. Is there anyone share the same frustration with me?
  2. This is not about bootable USB. This converts a external USB disk to a internal IDE disk, hence the rdisk(9). This dosn't match install from USB. Don't use this approach. Thank you. But VirtualBox haven't usb-bootable bios, this is the best way to try usb-boot in it.
  3. I encountered a problem when try to install XP to an VirtualBox based VM. I followed this guide to make my usb disk bootable in VirtualBox. http://agnipulse.com/2009/07/boot-your-usb-drive-in-virtualbox/ I attached the virtual hdd to primary slave slot. Usb disk is primary master. The very beginning of setup report such information "The system encountered an I/O error accessing multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(9)partition(1). Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit." What can I do to fix it?
  4. ilko_t, how about if the ubcd was added via extracted iso? Do the method I mentioned above work?
  5. IMHO, the UI is quite simple that even a person don't know English much but have knowledge of PC system installation can use it without problem. The user should know what is XP, Vista, Win7, ubuntu etc rather than english.I highly doubt the translation is need. Here to state, I know Chinese. A simple guide(in Chinese) to each options might be more useful and easier to spread this piece of great software.
  6. I've got a feature request. Is it possible to implement a 'remove old version' while without touching the other systems? For instance, ubcd update to 5.01 and I'd like to integrate this new version and don't want to do everythings again, format, import other systems, etc. Hmm... after consider for awhile, I wonder whether we can remove the old version by simply remove the related folders/files and edit the menu file(remove the specific item) in root directory. If it's doable manually and simple, that'd be great. Thanks
  7. Not yet, I might try it later. Any differences between these two modes?
  8. UBCD 5.0 can perfectly work with SysLinux mode in 1.0 beta 6. Just to inform those who's got interested in integrating the latest UBCD.
  9. thanks, ilko_t. get it. I'll test beta6 with it tomorrow, then report here.
  10. hi, ilko_t. Any news about the 1.0 FINAL release? btw, UBCD5.0 is out. That seems it has a built-in script for USB boot and has integrated grub4dos. Can 1.0 cooperate with it? Thanks
  11. Hi, ilko_t. I've successfully made an usb disk with 3 xp installation, ubcd4win and ubcd411. It's a great tool. Thank you again. But I still got questions. Since the file copying process are very time consuming(small file copying are slow), can I make an ISO alike image backup? The next time I can burn the ISO into the disk and greatly save time. Though I've no idea what tool I can use to make that "ISO".
  12. Thank you, ilko_t. I'll try to boot with a usb 2.0 capable machine. I've got another question. If I'd like to add multiple XP/Win7 installtion into same SD card, say that I'd like to place two languages edition XP or one x86 and one x64 XP installation into one SD card, can I simple add one directory once and then the next again? The same for Win7?The same for PE and ubcd? Can I mixed multiple XPs and multiple Win7s in one SD card(probably a stupid question)? Your little project is great, thank you very much.
  13. I've just use 1.0 beta 3 to make a XP sp3 install into a SDHC card. I simply follow the steps, format to fat32 with RMPREUSB, then make my XP SP3 setup directory into the SD card. I didn't add anything else(PE, Win7, ubcd etc.), everything is ok. But when I try install XP with it on a IBM Thinkpad R40e, the initialization step was very slow. I mean before I can choose which partition to install the system and agree the EULA, loading the driver and kernel files are very slow. Slow as like it's not working. Is it normal? My SDHC card is capable of 20MB/s reading with big chunk. Is this problem of the usb driver or bios support? On another PC with Sempron 2000+ and 1G ram install, the very similar situation occur. The initialization step the "The setup is inspecting your hardware configuration" step take tooooooo long to complete, the same for the driver and kernel loading stage. When install from CD-rom, it's far more faster. Thank you.