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  1. Main PC Lian li PC 71 ASUS PC - DL Deulux rev 1.03 2 x 3.06ghz 533 FSB Intel Xeons - clocked at 3.45ghz 2 x 2GB match pair of OCZ pc3200 DDR Ram 2 x 74GB Raptors RAID 0 2 x 250GB WD PATA RAID0 2 x 250GB WD SATA RAIR0 2x 250GB WD PATA JBOD Water cooling setup DD 12v pump 1/2" tygon tubing DD Xeon blocks WAC 450mm resevoir 3x120mm Radiator pics : www.buzzons.co.uk/water PC - 2 Dual P3 800hgz - clocked at 940 2 gig PC133 Ram (corsair) 2x 80GB Maxtor PATA RAID0 PC - 3 Dual P2 450mgz 1gig PC100 ram 2x 9GB SCSI PC - 4 Dell CPt laptop added : 20gig hard disk / 256 meg ram / dvd / cd r Buz
  2. Cisco makes a great one, i cant rembember its name but im sure its free to download from www.cisco.com somewhere. buz
  3. thanks both of u i think ill use the 2nd method as it will be a tool ill have to get to know
  4. ok im sure these have been posted before but I am far to lazzy to read through ever post to find them :S so can some one please tell me how to do the following : unlock taskbar ungroup windows show quick launch bar set cleartype set resolution ot 1280x1024 and 32bit colour show My Computer and the trash can on the desktop turn off "use simple file sharing" show all folders show full file names show full extensions turn of windows file protection show controll panel in my computer thanks Buz
  5. does style XP have ne flags to allow it to be instaleld as i cant find any info on it online
  6. couldnt you just run the install file as it only needs u to click once?
  7. well i went and got everyting from my SAV install disk in \SAV\ and copied it into the install folder .. seems to work fine thanks man for the response
  8. data1.cab can not be found during the install.. bleh?
  9. im installing it within a Virtual PC so there is nothing installed as it is. Ill post back in a few mins with the result of that flag change. thanks for the fast response
  10. bleh my install of SAV wont work :S using and having : I get the "Installing SAV 9.0" echo.. and then there is a gap while it does something.. then it goes onto the next program. However when the process finishes SAV has not been installed into the \program files\ and there is no Sheild icon in the system tray. The program has not been installed.. and I dont know why, can any one help me please? many thanks Buzzons

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