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  1. I did not know that Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1 the same tutorial. now I know. even now I first heard of waik_supplement_en-us what needs to SP1 and ... Thanks for the warning about spamming! And all of us prefer to write, and learn how and where to look for tutorials rather than paste the link to it eeee fazoti
  2. Hi! How to make a multilingual Windows 7 installation disk with SP1? How to make a multilingual installation disc Windows 7 SP1? Like this Please, help me tnx
  3. Please help me How to integrate Language Pack (MUI lp.cab) in Windows 7 installation disk with "SP1 U Refresh media"? As the title suggests, I would like an installation disc with two language. The installation disk is the English language, but still want to add a Slovenian. To both, during which selected before installation, EN or SL tnx
  4. thanks man Another thing I ask ... how to change the name? thanks again
  5. Hello! I'm working Win7 AIO. There is no problem until the AIO work individually, x86 and x64. There is also no problem if they work AIO x86 and x64 together with a clean installation. The problem occurs when this AIO x64 x86 and want to fix your computer. In this case, programs are not compatible. What now? Until I joined the only install.wim, boot.wim while no, or. sed by the merger in the sense that we would offer to run 32 or 64 bit version to repair the system. Is this even possible? I was looking for Mon net, found nothing. Except for one strange programs as otherwise do, boot managers etc, but that's not it. I wish to ask the very beginning, ie. offer, or want to run the x86 or x64. As I mentioned, this has nothing to do to install win7 only 32 or 64 bit, but the Association to repair already installed win7 32 or 64 bit. As a single install DVD, for example, you can fix 32 bit win7-32bit only, while with the same DVD you can not fix the win7-64bit, but I want to. Of course this also applies vice versa, if the install DVD can fix just 64bitn win7-64bit and not 32bit. I've downloaded a couple down WIN7AIO DVDs, but every ma all notes modified, or I can not. I can not combining them, apparently, is to do it. For example, attach a screenov ... This is what I want first to offer me in this context: First screen - you can choose Second Screen Third Screen 4th Screen 5th screen - behold! Until I need it. Is this it? And if so, how? Thanks in advance. Sorry for English It helps me to translate Uncle Google
  6. It works! Thank you very much While it is not automatic, it is necessary to enter the user and computer name, password and other But the automatic logon as Administrator, which is good
  7. How to make the installation DVD (Win7) with autologon (Administrator) but not with Unattended (Autounattend.xml)
  8. Do not work The first picture to the left, where I choose the language reveals the other is not right there where I choose "Install now" or "Repair your computer" what you see on the right and just that image on the right picture I want. But autologon work OK Only the right (picture) menu still need Excuse my English Google translates, and not me P.S. Is there an alternative to autologoon after installation? Without Unattended? Autounattend.xml
  9. Not sure about the install button page, but I think my first guess is remove the <AcceptEula>true</AcceptEula> and see if that does it. Thanks I'm going try to come back and tell if it is OK You come later, maybe I'll even need
  10. Why ? Because that is what it does, it "automates" your installation, so you can leave your computer unattended while installing. The easiest way to fix the problem is not to use an autounattend.xml.If you want to automate the rest of installation and only keep those two particular screens, attach your XML file (do not post as text) and I will look at it. All I want is just to automatically log administrator after installation(autologon) Autounattend.xml
  11. Why Autounattend.xml remove these menu? How do I change to keep them?
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