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  1. DriverPack Solution

    Try these links. http://www.tactools.org/driverpack-solution-10-professional-dvd.html http://www.downarchive.com/forums/applications/578496-driverpack-solution-10-professional-dvd.html http://filespump.com/software/63355-driverpack-solution-10-professional-dvd.html I haven't checked them but they appear to be legit because their size is 4GB. All driverpacks were updated on February 5. The version of the program is R144(Jan 31, 2010). WARNING: this release has only one major problem so far. Some people reported that installing "AMD PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver" may render their system unusable. This driver should be removed from driverpacks because there is no way of telling if it will work properly. In the mean time I strongly suggest to skip updating this driver.
  2. DriverPack Solution

    For some reason, the link for DriverPack Solution 10 won't appear unless you choose to the Russian version of the site. I don't know if was intended behavior or not. The link will let you download DriverPack Solution 10 R130. This version was finalized around 26th January but wasn't available for download. Users could buy the DVD for 16$ and 33$(starting from 1st Match). Users were allowed to download this version for free since 16 March. You must have downloaded the 1.46 GB version. This release was put together by unknown 3rd party and I recommended everyone to stay away from it because it has major issues: old version of program(like R109, I don't remember now), broken indexes, driverpacks can't be used properly because of their unusual naming(they were never meant to be used for this program: they were designed K-Systems). Even though you can download the official R130 release(3.20 GB), I suggest looking for "DriverPack Solution 10 R144". It was released on 1st February 2010 and based on Revision 144(R144) and can fit on a DVD(4.36 GB) and all driverpacks were up to date back than.
  3. DriverPack Solution

    If there is problem, please attach the logs(folder "logs"). Also, where did you get DriverPack Solution 10? There are many different version floating on the Internet. The version of the program should be at least R144.
  4. DriverPack Solution

    This is a problem with the tooltip module which we didn't make and I don't feel like digging into it. We had enough problems with this module with different versions of IE already. As a workaround you can replace ' with \u2032 or look for other charapters at http://unicode.org/charts/
  5. Drivers Installer Assistant v.6.4.28 PreFinal

    I hope this will be helpful. case 0x0009: // English case 0x0c09: // English (Australia) case 0x2809: // English (Belize) case 0x1009: // English (Canada) case 0x2409: // English (Caribbean) case 0x4009: // English (India) case 0x1809: // English (Ireland) case 0x2009: // English (Jamaica) case 0x4409: // English (Malaysia) case 0x1409: // English (New Zealand) case 0x3409: // English (Philippines) case 0x4809: // English (Singapore) case 0x1c09: // English (South Africa) case 0x2c09: // English (Trinidad) case 0x0809: // English (United Kingdom) case 0x0409: // English (United States) case 0x3009: // English (Zimbabwe) case 0x3c09: // English (Hong Kong) case 0x3809: // English (Indonesia) lang = "en";break; case 0x000c: // French case 0x080c: // French (Belgium) case 0x2c0c: // French (Cameroon) case 0x0c0c: // French (Canada) case 0x240c: // French (Congo, DRC) case 0x300c: // French (Cote d'Ivoire) case 0x3c0c: // French (Haiti) case 0x040c: // French (France) case 0x140c: // French (Luxembourg) case 0x340c: // French (Mali) case 0x180c: // French (Monaco) case 0x380c: // French (Morocco) case 0xe40c: // French (North Africa) case 0x200c: // French (Reunion) case 0x280c: // French (Senegal) case 0x100c: // French (Switzerland) case 0x1c0c: // French (West Indies) lang = "fr";break; case 0x000a: // Spanish case 0x3c0a: // Spanish (Paraguay) case 0x240a: // Spanish (Colombia) case 0x140a: // Spanish (Costa Rica) case 0x1c0a: // Spanish (Dominican Republic) case 0x300a: // Spanish (Ecuador) case 0x440a: // Spanish (El Salvador) case 0x100a: // Spanish (Guatemala) case 0x480a: // Spanish (Honduras) case 0x0c0a: // Spanish (International Sort) case 0x340a: // Spanish (Chile) case 0x4c0a: // Spanish (Nicaragua) case 0x080a: // Spanish (Mexico) case 0x280a: // Spanish (Peru) case 0x500a: // Spanish (Puerto Rico) case 0x040a: // Spanish (Traditional Sort) case 0x380a: // Spanish (Uruguay) case 0x200a: // Spanish (Venezuela) case 0x180a: // Spanish (Panama) case 0x2c0a: // Spanish (Argentina) case 0x400a: // Spanish (Bolivia) case 0x580a: // Spanish (Latin America) case 0x540a: // Spanish (United States) case 0x200a: // Spanish (Venezuela) lang = "sp";break; /* case 0x0007: // German case 0x0c07: // German (Austria) case 0x0407: // German (Germany) case 0x1407: // German (Liechtenstein) case 0x1007: // German (Luxembourg) case 0x0807: // German (Switzerland) lang = "de";break; */ case 0x002c: // Azeri case 0x742C: // Azeri (Cyrillic) case 0x082C: // Azeri (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan) case 0x782C: // Azeri (Latin) case 0x042C: // Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan) lang = "az";break; case 0x0010: // Italian case 0x0410: // Italian (Italy) case 0x0810: // Italian (Switzerland) lang = "it";break; case 0x0019: // Russian case 0x0419: // Russian (Russia) case 0x0819: // Russian (Moldova) lang = "ru";break; case 0x0022: // Ukrainian case 0x0422: // Ukrainian (Ukraine) lang = "ua";break; case 0x001f: // Turkish case 0x041f: // Turkish (Turkey) lang = "tr";break; case 0x0027: // Lithuanian case 0x0427: // Lithuanian (Lithuania) lang = "lt";break; case 0x0013: // Dutch case 0x0413: // Dutch (Netherlands) case 0x0813: // Dutch (Belgium) lang = "nl";break; /* case 0x0001: // Arabic case 0x1401: // Arabic (Algeria) case 0x3C01: // Arabic (Bahrain) case 0x0C01: // Arabic (Egypt) case 0x0801: // Arabic (Iraq) case 0x2C01: // Arabic (Jordan) case 0x3401: // Arabic (Kuwait) case 0x3001: // Arabic (Lebanon) case 0x1001: // Arabic (Libya) case 0x1801: // Arabic (Morocco) case 0x2001: // Arabic (Oman) case 0x4001: // Arabic (Qatar) case 0x0401: // Arabic (Saudi Arabia) case 0x2801: // Arabic (Syria) case 0x1C01: // Arabic (Tunisia) case 0x3801: // Arabic (U.A.E.) case 0x2401: // Arabic (Yemen) lang = "ar";
  6. DriverPack Solution

    I'm not surprised that machine translation is like that, so proposed to drop it no one would translated it some time ago. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll ask dynaletik if he could help it. I see. I mentioned the Hindi/Urdu languages because these are among the most spoken languages. Are you speaking about changing the home page to a custom home page without the user notice? DriverPack Solution 9 does it every time for every user account on a computer. But DriverPack Solution 10 doesn't do that anymore. Their driverpacks are free and Open Source so no one have to pay to use ore copy.However they accept donations: http://driverpacks.net/donate @Kelsenellenelvian I would highly appreciated if you could help improving the English translation for DriverPack Solution 10 because as of now, it's maintained by the people who aren't native English speakers. Even if it's grammatically correct some text might be rephrased so it would sound more natural. Follow this instruction to get the latest DriverPack Solution from SVN. http://code.google.com/p/driverpacksolution/wiki/SVNbasics (this instruction might need some corrections as well)
  7. DriverPack Solution

    Lithuanian translation updated in R113. It was nice of you that you kept the whitespace formating even though it isn't required from translators. Language support status Up to date: English(primary) Russian(primary) Ukrainian Azeri Lithuanian Italian German Need to be updated: Dutch French Outdated: Turkish Spanish I think these languages are of high importance and should be added at some point Arabic Chinese Hindi/Urdu Japanese Portuguese Other languages are welcome as well, but I wanted them to be maintained from time to time so I will not have to dump the language.
  8. DriverPack Solution

    SamLab makes driverpacks labeled as "SamDrivers". SamLab released SamDrivers 12.30 at the New Year and asked others not to upload driverpacks elsewhere till January 11 or else the next release will be paid only. Someone broke that condition and people started a heated discussion about the future of the project. This what SamLab has to say: http://samforum.ws/showpost.php?p=773860&postcount=815 I translated most of this. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to the project and I think he deserves to get some donations. It appears clicking on the advert banners doesn't bring him much income but I don't see any other way to donate him. I'll ask him how people can donate.
  9. DriverPack Solution

    Fixed in R112 As for the Italian translation and the mistake in English translation. I'm waiting for jinkazama to complete the registration procedure to become a member of the project so he could change it himself.
  10. DriverPack Solution

    Your whitespace formating matches formating of English translation file. This is good because I can trust you won't break the formating when you will have the right to commit your changes directly to SVN. Note you inserted an extra empty line before the first infobar line though. Hints: 1. Make sure you're making translation against the latest revision(R110). Right click on the folder, click "update". 2. Use WinMerge to compare English and Italian file. Right click on the first file, click "compare to". Right click on the second file, click "compare to". Also, you didn't translate: bugreport_?????? (it's a group of lines) error_?????? (it's a group of lines) button_showPanel button_hidePanel Attach the corrected language file, and if everything is all right, I'll make you a member so you will be able to change SVN yourself. Note: translators don't have to bother with formating if they aren't going to change code directly at SVN. They should just attach correct translation and I'll fix the formating before committing to SVN.
  11. DriverPack Solution

    alert_reportCreateed and alert_reportFailed were removed at some point so you should remove them as well. The project is open to new contributers but before you will be added you should make patch(es) and send them to me or ArtX for review. Hopefully your patch will applied and you'll be added to the project. For more information see http://code.google.com/p/driverpacksolution/wiki/SVNbasics
  12. DriverPack Solution

    For those who want to correct or make a translation for a language they are familiar with. You should get the latest revision from the SVN server. Follow the instruction on "Checking out". http://code.google.com/p/driverpacksolution/wiki/SVNbasics English and Russian translation are always up to date while the other are often lagging behind so you should base your translation on either of those two. The most recently updated translation are Dutch, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian but they are already out of date. The string to translate are commented out(marked with //) and these strings: button_showPanel button_hidePanel bugreport_??????? error_???????? Azeri, Turkish and Spanish translations haven't been updated for a long time. German translation is made by Google Translate and we're going to drop it if there is no good translation. @ Scorp You made translation for R2(Revision 2) which corresponds to DriverPack Solution 9 and this version isn't supported anymore. The latest released version was R36 which corresponds to the latest Dev Build. A new version based on the latest revision is going to be released soon and this version will be official stable release which will be supported till a next version will be became stable. Anyways, DvZ already made a Dutch translation for R89. It still needs to be updated though.
  13. DriverPack Solution

    Hi. I'm BadPointer(this isn't my real name, of course). ArtX and me are working on DriverPack Soultion. We're preparing for the next release right now but it takes more time then we thought it would take to bring a new version. But I'm glad we didn't release it too early so our testers helped to discover and fix some showstopper bugs. I believe the code is stable now though we still need to do some things before the release. It appears you were using DriverPack Solution 9 and aren't aware that there were unofficial releases(named Dev Builds to distinguish from the main branch). The highlights: support Windows 64-bit, improved speed, improved driver matching. The latest released Dev Build was Dev Build R36_c (19-Oct-2009). The Dev Builds releases were intended for these prefer to be the cutting edge rather then stink to the stable version. Other time these they matured enough and made stable version obsolete and we(the developers) are going to drop support for the stable version altogether in favor of the current version soon. The latest Dev Build version will be labeled "official stable build" and we will start work on a new version. There will be bugfixes and small updates for this official stable release but major features and updates will be only available in the new version. Since the project is Open Source, you can grab the latest version(and any version you wish) from the SVN server and check it out. Keep in mind, even though you can get the latest revision, you shouldn't use it unless you consider yourself a tester because any given revision might be broken. Our testers are advised to use the latest revision and have a known stable revision in case the latest revision should fail. They also encouraged to take time to investigate failures and collect as much information about the problem as they can. The SVN server keeps record of all changes made to DriverPack Solution and can be viewed as time machine and changelog. You can learn how DriverPack changes over time by looking at the revision comments at the SVN. http://code.google.com/p/driverpacksolutio...ce/list?start=9 R1: Initial revision R2: DriverPack Solution 9 ... R36: The latest released Dev Build ... R110: The latest revision as of this writing. If you're eager to get your hand on the latest version, you can follow this instruction. http://code.google.com/p/driverpacksolution/wiki/SVNbasics Once you do this, you can use the context menu of the folder and click "update" to update DriverPack Solution to the latest revision when it's available.