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  1. To anyone randomly reading this topic that thinks it is too long, just skip down to the bold part (it's where I really want/need help). Ah, so that will change the drive letter automatically if Windows is, say, installed on D:\ instead of C:\? (thanks!) I have done that, which makes a perfectly silent installation (EXACTLY what I was/am after). That is what I have read, which is why I did not even attempt to do so. I tried to extract the files (like you) and got an error about there either being no data or it being corrupt. So even repacking it won't work? Well f*ck, that was the main thing I was after... The install kit that InstallRite makes is 42.1 MB, vs 26.6 MB for the combined size of the other installers (I'm combining K-Lite Codec Pack, QT Alternative & Plugin, and Real Alternative into one installer)... The compression of the files just seems horrible. I even tried to compress the *.exe even further using WinRAR and 7-Zip, but it only reduced the size by 1.1 MB.I can use InstallRite to export a list of registry additions/changes to a *.reg file... Is there any way (through this program or another, it doesn't matter) to do the same thing with files? I know that there are MULTIPLE install makers out there, but most of them require extensive work to get all of the files and registry changes included. So, I need something that would: a.) Record all changes made to files/registry on a system automatically (like InstallRite) b.) Allow me to make changes to those lists (to remove erroneous files or registry addresses that needn't be altered) b.) Then *easily* create an installer that is *well compressed*. Anyone know of a program that can do this? Free or not, I'm willing to pay because I have multiple programs I want to repackage... Quite a few don't have an ability to be silently installed, or do but the default options are NOT what I want (contain a lot of bloated crap). I am using a virtual machine, and I have a savestate that I reload each time I (try to) make an installer... The savestate reverts my system back to vanilla, except for InstallRite being installed.
  2. I've been using this program for a while and I was thinking of using it for silent application installs for my Unattended Windows install, but I have a few problems / questions about it (and hopefully you guys can help): - Can you use a variable for file locations? (Instead of making it C:\) - Is it possible to change the resulting .exe's icon without corrupting the installer? - Can the installer's size be compressed any further? ... Or would it be better to use another program altogether? I love InstallRite because it is extremely easy to use, and WinINSTALL only deals with .msi's (unless I am mistaken). [Edit] Is it possible to use the file list from InstallRite to copy those files and locations for use in a SFX file? I know I can do the registry that way... Sorry, I'm new to this.
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