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  1. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    They all are web browsers to explore the Internet. I know two more to add to the list. Green Browser Off By 1 Have not tried them out yet, but they support all the way down to 95. I also found some more free web browsers as well. Acco Deepnet GoSurf Towey Websurfer Mozilla (might be the last version before Firefox) My Websurf 4 net Browser Surfie v1.0 All reported to support our versions according to a download site. Found some shareware browsers that supports 98 and above. iOpus Internet Macros Web Browser Speed Resourch Investment Browser Touch Net Browser Flask Mark Newz Crawler It is just a scratch on the surface of web browsers out there. A couple for kids that I found are Tadpole for toddlers and KidRocket for older kids.
  2. KernelEx App Compatibility Database

    I got the latest shockwave to install on my computer and working. These are other freeware programs that require 2000 and above. APIViewer Astra Gift Maker APIMonitor 1.5 Anivo Registry Defrag Artic Image Browser Latest Artweaver CD Recovery Toolbox Cobview Conware Icon Ant Clone Spy Desktop Media Gallery DoPDF7 Fine Recovery Folder Maker Free Registry Defrag Error Repair Professional Free AVI To MP4 Converter Homestead Photosite Album Builder HiJack This Karen's Power Tool Likno Web Button Maker Map This 1.3 Nuen Soft Shell Enhancer Office Recovery Free Undelete Opera 10.20 Pandora Recovery PDF Image Extraction Wizard Picture Ace Lite Remove It Pro U 4 SE Rising PC Protector Software Informer Send to Toys SpeeDefrag Shockwave Scribus Test My Hardware Tifny5 Undelete Plus WG Screensaver Creator YTray Magic Lite I am working on games and other office freeware to test on this. Zero Assumption Recovery
  3. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I know of a couple of browsers that still works with WinMe and 98. GhostFox the latest. It looks like it is Mozilla creation as a hybred between IE and Gecko engine of the Mozilla browsers. http://www.ghostfox.org/ SlimBrowser 4.12 http://www.flashpeak.com/sbrowser/ Their FlashFTP also works with WinMe and 98. FreeBrowser also works with WinMe and 98, but they added a spyware search bar with it. Ace Explorer http://www.aceexplorer.com/ Cayman browser http://www.caymanbrowser.com/ Those are the ones that I am trying out right now besides CB, Maxthon, IE, Firefox and Opera. They all look like ongoing projects and all that. Plus everything I listed are all freeware products.
  4. This is likely OS-dependent more than browser-dependent, since 10 is specifically stated to be for XP/Vista/probably 7. I find most sites (Adobe included, but the biggest offender I've found is the Chrome site) tend to lock you out of installing/downloading software for those if they can't detect that is what you are running. I did wind up fooling Yahoo using the Opera about the message they gave me for the IE based browsers that said I am on an old OS and need to upgrade. I do not have the money to upgrade, and that my old Dell desktop could not handle XP. Not enough processor speed for it. You could fool those sites at times with the different browsers like I am using Firefox 3.6.
  5. Opera 10

    I use WinMe where it installed real easily without using the KEX. It said it is only meant for XP and up, but I still got it installed without the nagged screen of saying my system is not compatible.
  6. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    My ME CD does not have all the Matrox video drivers with it. I had to install what is close to it like the Matrox GA Milinium to even have the better quality. My video card is the Matrox Power Graphics Accelerator 200 series. I tried the Matrox site to download what I think is the right installation of the driver and said I do not have a Matrox card or that it is not the right one. I need help with both the sound card and my video card issues because they both were installed by ME as generic.
  7. I also find that when you use any internet type browser to download even the newer versions? They redirect you to the FlashPlayer 9 even when you asked for the 10. I also got it using Firefox and Opera as well. They made it harder for you to download the newer ones if you have an emulator like the KEX. I think they will do what Microsoft do, and only allow you to download only updates to your system. This is really sad to see this when there are a lot of people who have no choice of even upgrading to the newer windows and newer versions of software for your computer. I wish these software makers be more considerate and go back to support people who are having troubles as is with the Internet as is.
  8. Hi. I am having troubles with having the right installation of my hardware for my Dell computer. WinMe installed a generic Creative Sound Card, and some of the games I installed pointed the sound card is Live. The thing is I looked for the entry in the registry for it to post here, but there was none. All I know is that it is built onto the motherboard and it is a Conexant e153169 Creative lab Sound Blaster Live. It is not the only thing problem that I need help finding the right this. My video card is not reconized either. I wish there is a thread like this for video cards.
  9. KernelEx App Compatibility Database

    As I have been reeding the threads here and all that. I have installed Firefox 3.6 sussesfully on WinMe without having the installer pointed to the newer system. I got Thunderbird installed on WinMe with the XP2 setting. Now, I am compiling my own list of software that are freeware that are not compatable with the older systems, and I got a lot of the games, registry checkers, zip programs and many others installed and working okay on my computer. The ones that I found not working mostly the virus and trojan scanners not to install. One program that I also got working and installed using KEX is a program called CeltX. It is a screenplay writer for movies and tv shows since I am a writer. A lot of these that I did find works great.
  10. Opera 10

    The latest release of Opera 10.20 is out, and I have ot installed on my computer even though the site says it does not support the OS in this section. It works alrightjust like before.