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  1. Fantastic! i was looking for a simple way to cut cornors and found it! Very impressed with the install time i actually think its quicker. Tried to install on VMWare to no avail. Yet to atempt different hardware but that is next on my list (have a sysprep copy also) will update to let you know how it goes. On a side note for those of you without USB stick but External HDD just extract ISO to HDD and boot. Thanks again OP great post. All i need to do now is create a simple answer file to answer the obvious language settings etc.
  2. Hi all, I have a quick question for you all. After some light reading it seems that there are lots of different way to tackle the application install side of things. I'll be honist im quite new to all of this. I have created a .bat file listing commands to install several applications silently. I want to merge this .bat file + the installs to my windows 7 CD. Which way would be best to tackle this? WAIK/WSIM? setupcomplete.cmd? runonce.cmd? On a side note, would any other the above option disable UAC to stop the prompting? I want to keep it simple but effective. Thanking you all in advanced, Regards, Steve.
  3. Windows 7 Registry Tweaks

    Thanks for the list of tweaks. More documentation would be very helpful so everyone would know exactly what each tweak does, and can make better decisions about which tweaks to include. I mirror the above, first off, many thanks for these tweeks! some of them are brillaint. The trouble is i'e only taken on board a few as i do not have enough understanding as to what each one does. Any documentation would be very much welcomed. Again, thanks so much, signed up just to say thanks!