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  1. Yeah that's the thing... i tried running those registry entries from cleanup.cmd as well... but it still wouldn't stick! I suspect because the theme is being applied even after cleanup.cmd. I'd really like to hear from anybody who has successfully gotten the NO SOUNDS scheme to work, on an unattended install.
  2. Hey Gunsmokingman, I copied your theme file exactly and tested it. It still doesn't work. Notice after you apply your theme, go to CONTROL PANEL > SOUNDS. There's nothing listed as a scheme, but if you look at the sounds, all the default Windows sounds are still enabled. Asterisk, Critical Stop, Default Beep, etc. all have sounds (you can click on the little play button for proof). Basically I can't figure out how to set the NO SOUNDS scheme by default, on an unattended install. Sure the posted regtweaks might work by itself, but if you try to call it in cmdlines.txt, it gets overwritten when winnt.sif applies the theme. So I tried to set the sound to the NO SOUNDS scheme in the theme file itself, as I've described in this thread, but still no workie. I'd be greatly appreciative if anybody who's figured out how to set the NO SOUNDS scheme by default on an unattended install, to post here and describe how they did it.! Thanks.
  3. Hey gunsmokingman, thanks for the reply. My theme file is very similar to yours... except that all my DefaultValue are empty, like this: DefaultValue= But this still doesn't work! In fact, try this: copy an existing theme file, and set all the DefaultValue to blank. Let's call this theme "NOSOUND". Change to a theme with sounds... then change back to the NOSOUND theme. If you check in Control Panel >> Sounds, the sounds are set back to WindowsXP default values!!! Can anybody explain why the sounds are still there, even when set to blank in the theme file??? I'm pulling my hair out!!
  4. elusive, your method may work if you want to add sounds to a theme file. But if you want to set all those sounds to nothing, then it doesn't seem to work. I've got all those sound entries in my theme file, and the DefaultValue="" But when the theme is applied, the sounds go back to default Windows XP sounds! I can't seem to "set" them to nothing. DefaultValue="" doesn't seem to work in a theme file! Anybody know how to set the sound scheme to "NO SOUNDS" explicitly, in a theme file??
  5. I know this is an old threat, but I've dug it up because I still have one last problem with setting sounds in my unattended install. I'm trying to apply the NO SOUNDS scheme by default, and I pasted what Crahak posted into custom .THEME file. Since the theme is applied by winnt.sif, I was hoping that the theme would set the sounds to NO SOUNDS. But it doesn't work! If I manually merge Crahak's registry entries, then the sounds are changed correctly. But it doesn't work if they are put into a .THEME file, which is applied by winnt.sif. I am using VMWare Workstation 5.5.1, so not sure if this is related to that? Or maybe the syntax of those registry entries need to be modified when I put them in my .THEME file? Thanks in advance, anybody who can hehlp..
  6. I know the default command line to install applications on the unattended CD is this: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\some_application\setup.exe /switch /anotherswitch However, that just installs it onto the default path, which is C:\ (I'm guessing it puts the applications into C:\Program Files ??). Is there any way to change the install path? I like to install all my applications into D:\Program Files instead of C:\ (I keep the C:\ only for the operating system). Is it as simple as substituting "D:\" wherever I see %systemdrive% ?? Thanks in advance!

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