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  1. In nLite the option of "profile folder" is very useful. In XP I relocate the 'profile' folder and temp folder to another drive. Thought I can relocate temp folder after installation, I don't see any option in vLite to relocate profile folder to another drive. Is it possible ? Regards and thanx
  2. DR friend, Do not get frustrated. All those discussions u r having will be solved if you can use one OS loader like one I am using the free version of OSL2000. Its features like swap HDD, hide partition will help you. I am using it and having nine OSs installed on my machine with three HDDs. But some how any vista should be installed on the first primary of the first HDD( as seen by BIOS). You need not use vista boot loader also. I do attach the jp of my diskmgmt.msc view. With nLite, I always keep my profile and temp folder out of drive C to keep my OS less fragmented. There is no OS in relative drive D,E,F,L etc. Always OS partition is drive C. If one get corrupted that never disturbs the other OS. One os can be used to virus check the other also. Give a try and c if it helps u.
  3. Se7en_UA - working with Win 8.1

    Having same problem. jd try this http://easy-share.com/1908480878/Se7en_UA6.0.4.exe thanx
  4. Se7en_UA - working with Win 8.1

    Can some of u tell me the steps OR meaning of each check box actions to proceed!! Its so tough to proceed after installing and running the prog. 1. I have my iso extracted in a drive of 250GB. 2. I run the prog and get the box with all options and choices to be checked/uncheck - isn't it? 3. When I try to check "add right click wim" I get a popup window with all in english but 'Hebrew' for me 2 understand. Then if I say 'No' it feels unhappy and does something and I can't check the following options. 4. What to use - the iso image or the extracted source folder? How to tell the program that? where do I choose the folder or the image? In the first choice I obviously don,t nee to extract as I have done it for him to work! Then it says "yes" to copy or "No" to delete - what is going 2b deleted ? My idea is only to add drivers and "IF POSSIBLE MAKE IT UNATTENDED"1 Please help regards NB: R U creating any log file 2b seen, whats going behind my eyes? The attached image1 what path do I write here?