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  1. microwinX is copyrighted and infridging on this will result in legal issues.

    it windows with litesteps as shell and slimmed down with nlite.. dont think you should go around going on infrudging your copyright as you dont have one. what is copyrighted?

    also on they site it says "You agree to never use the microwinX source code" what code?

    dont unstand where or what is copyrighted?

  2. try it this way. this way it has to exit so the next program can install.. but 40 secs should do if it dont outpost should still install ok.

    Run("OutpostProInstall.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART")

    ;pass automatic config screen

    WinWaitActive("Configuration Wizard")

    WinActivate("Configuration Wizard")


    ;pass configuration wizard screen


    WinWaitActive("Configuration Wizard")

    WinActivate("Configuration Wizard")


    ;pass finish installation screen

    WinWaitActive("Configuration Wizard")

    WinActivate("Configuration Wizard")



    WinKill ( "Configuration Wizard" )



  3. [quote name='Hammett' post='169841' date='Aug 17 2004, 03:23 AM']It is possible by using a -auto switch on the command line:

    "LooknStop_Setup_205.exe -auto"

    Other available switches:
    -path "xxx" => to install Look 'n' Stop in xxx
    -reg "regfile" => to apply a regfile with Look 'n' Stop predefined options
    -startauto to have Look 'n' Stop automatically started at Windows startup
    -startmenu to create shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu
    -reboot to automatically reboot after the installation (if required)
    -run to run Look 'n' Stop after the installation (apply only if no reboot is required)

    The uninstall can also be automated:
    looknstop -uninstall -auto

    Note that these features are rarely used so it is possible there are some bugs there :-\


    Thanks M8

  4. Well never liked v4.x any way I always used the older verion. dont see the point in playing a mp3 when installing programs. the point in makeing a custom version of xp is you put the disc in and install windows and the programs and go out or some thing or install the os more then one computer it saves time.

  5. I did a search but could not find any thing..

    I what to update the driver.cab

    I what to add amdk6.sys, amdk7.sys processr.sys they drivers from windows 2003 server they more uptodate drivers that give better speed in some programs and faster defraging and read and write..

  6. REG ADD %KEY%\135 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Software\Winamp\Winamp5.05.msi /qn INI="%CDROM%\Software\Winamp\winamp.ini"" /f

    should be

    REG ADD %KEY%\135 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Software\Winamp\Winamp5.05.msi /qn INI=\"%CDROM%\Software\Winamp\winamp.ini\"" /f

    Also disable Norton or install it afterwards. THe "malicious" script is just a VBS file that copies the INI file from your specified location to mine. That's it.

    if your going to install norton you may as well install a virus..

  7. My hotfixs are not installing.. Dont unstand why..

    this is my svcpack.inf


    Signature="$Windows NT$"








    JS56NEN.exe /Q:A /R:N

    823182.exe /Q /N /Z

    823353.exe /Q:A /R:N

    824105.exe /Q /N /Z

    824141.exe /Q /N /Z

    825119.exe /Q /N /Z

    826939.exe /Q /N /Z

    839645.exe /Q /N /Z

    840315.exe /Q /N /Z

    840374.exe /Q /N /Z

    841873.exe /Q /N /Z

    842773.exe /Q /N /Z

    867801.exe /Q:A /R:N

    817778.exe /Q /N /Z

    dxsetup.exe /silent


    and part of my DOSNET file


    signature="$Windows NT$"



    d1 = \I386

    d2 = \cmpnents\tabletpc\I386

    d3 = \cmpnents\mediactr\I386

    d4 = \cmpnents\netfx\I386


    ProductType = 0

    MinimumMemory = 67108864

    DestinationPlatform = i386

    ServicePack = 1.0



  8. You can make it SFX file and put this in your comment


    ;The comment below contains SFX script commands





    so when you can call it from your (runonceex or winnt.sif)

    I what to move the folders dont need SFX file..

    Windows Setup unpacks the drivers to that folder... I just what to move the folder once windows is install...

  9. @Lucius Snow


    $OEM$\$1\Driverz is for copying file to %systemdrive%\DRIVERZ without extracting it...

    $OEM$\Driverz is for my program that will extract compressed drivers

    in %systemdrive%\DRIVERZ with the subdirectory...

    So which one will work.. or which is best or fastest

    Which one should I use??

    I tryed


    when windows is install you get them black windows and you see it unpacking the drivers..

    If I use the $OEM$\$1\Driverz will it still install my drivers.

  10. @CrashUK

    thats okie if you want to use %systemdrive%\DRIVERZ folder...

    your compressed drivers in $OEM$\Driverz will always have a subdirectory and extract there... the name of your compressed drivers will be the name of the subdirectory...


    So when windows install it will unpack the file to c:\driverz\ then windows will look for the drivers they??

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