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  1. Has anyone got a list of common regtweaks and their functions for use in a vista unattended file? I have read FireGeier's guide and managed to take some from there and other posts on the forum, but surely, there must be plenty more?
  2. Hi Just a quick question really... In your opinion, what is the best way to go about slipstreaming .net, ie8 etc? I have already created a Vlited SP1 Vista ISO with the latest updates slipstreamed using Autopatcher (won't be upgrading to SP2 because it breaks the wireless connectivity with my printer and i couldn't figure out why!). Tested this install in VMWare and its working fine. So far i have come across using OEM folders and Reverse Integration. I'm thinking reverse integration because it seems pretty straight forward when using VMWare and it means i can briefly set up the OS with reg
  3. Try 'Tweaking Toolbox Vista.' It has the export function you are looking for (but only for the paid version).
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