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  1. Like the format the RunOnceEx has. eg REG ADD %KEY%\055 /VE /D "TweakUI Powertoy" /f REG ADD %KEY%\055 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\PowerToys\TweakUi.msi /qb" /f To the config.js format
  2. Question: Is there a convertor out there that will convert to the config format from RunOnceEx? I really don't want to do it by hand.
  3. Before I download, can someone explain what this is? Thanks
  4. After the windows installation is done, there is just a blank blue screen after it finishes loading. I have to restart, and then the RunOnceEx starts. Anyone know why this happens? Thanks
  5. I have a problem. For some reason, it opens notepad instead of IE for the readme. What do I do?
  6. sorry if this has been posted before, but when i try it, it says shrink is already complete when i never ran this before. (Fresh install of xp, no office2003 installed yet)
  7. It works after installation. (with DEP disabled and I don't know if it works with DEP on) I think its the data execution prevention that is making it crash. I've been having lots of problems with it until I disabled it. (I disabled it after all install was finished). For the config part, i want the person to make their own username/pass etc. ( no problems here ) thx for your help
  8. here is the install.ini ; SHORT DESCRIPTION OF KEYS ; ; description.x = Description of the installable software ; command.x = command that should be executed to install the software ; hidden.x = if 1, this sub command will not be showed in list view control ; selected.x = if software will be installed by default (checked in list view control) ; file.x.y = file that should be checked against specified version (greater/less/exists comparison) ; key.x.y = registry key that should be checked against specified data (greater/less comparison) ; ... whereby x is a continuous number of sub commands (command.x) and y is a continuous number ; of unique (enumeration) ; ; Default keys that will be used if not specified: ; selected = 1 (Note this is the selection key for entire section) ; hidden = 0 (section specific invisibility) ; collapsed = 0 ; ; hidden.x = 0 ; description.x = <missing description> ; selected.x = 0 ; key.comparison.x = and ; file.comparison.x = and ; collapsed.x = 0 ; ; Strings in command.x, key.x.y and file.x.y will be expanded if necessary. ; NEW IN VERSION 2.1 ; There can be theoretically up to 65535 enrties per subtree ; Note: One key "key.a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h...=" must not exceed 255 characters entirely ; To create a sub tree just append sublevel indizes to commands like: ; ; command.0="command 1" ; command.1="command 2" ; command.0.0="sub command 0.0" ; command.0.0.0="sub command 0.0.0" ; command.0.0.1="sub command 0.0.1" ; ; ... Will create following sub tree: ; ; "command 1" ; "sub command 0.0" ; "sub command 0.0.0" ; "sub command 0.0.1" ; "command 2" ; ; Remark: If you hidden a tree, also each of it's subtrees will be hidden also if not specified explicitly ; Root Tree (section name) will never be hidden! [Environment] ; DefaultHome will set the home directory that will used as default for each new user ; if none is specified by the user ; MozillaFireFoxVersion=HKLM:Software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\CurrentVersion ; MozillaFireFoxPath=HKLM:Software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\%MozillaFireFoxVersion%\Main\Install Directory DefaultProfilesDir = HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ProfilesDirectory ; Favorites=%systemroot%\My Favorites ; KEYWORD DESCRIPTION ; dimension.update=1 will write WIHU windows size to ini file. Next time WIHU is started, it will adjust ; it's size to corresponding dimension.width and dimension.height parameters. [settings] ; dimension.update=1 ; dimension.width=800 ; dimension.height=500 ; PageHeaderTitle.x and PageHeaderSubTitle.x sets the header title or subtitle of ; specified page. First page is page 0. ; PageHeaderTitle.0=Title0 ; PageHeaderSubTitle.0=SubTitle0 ; PageHeaderTitle.1=Title1 ; PageHeaderSubTitle.1=SubTitle1 ; computer=xyz ; skipsettings=1 skipsoftware=1 ;skiprestart=1 nocancel=1 autologon=1 ;autoexit=1 norestartchange=1 ;[Fully hidden commands, should'nt be displayed ] ;hidden = 1 ;command.0=cmd.exe /c @echo Hidden 0 ;description.0=(Should not be displayed) ;selected.0=1 ;hidden.0=1 ;command.0.0=cmd.exe /c @echo Hidden 0.0 ;description.0.0=(Should not be displayed) ;selected.0.0=0 ;hidden.0.0=1 ; SHORT DESCRIPTION OF SECTION USERS ; ; User.x = Will create a new user with specified name and set Password.x ; Group.x can be either 0, 1 or 2. 1 means that new user will be added to "Administrators" Group, ; 0 means "Users" group, 2 will cause WIHU not to move the user to any group. ; Status.x set account status. For valid numbers please look at NetUserAdd API in USER_INFO_1 ; struct at "usri1_flags". Description can be found on ; http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/netmgmt/netmgmt/user_info_1_str.asp ; Here is a list of values. ; ; #define UF_SCRIPT 0x0001 ; #define UF_ACCOUNTDISABLE 0x0002 ; #define UF_HOMEDIR_REQUIRED 0x0008 ; #define UF_LOCKOUT 0x0010 ; #define UF_PASSWD_NOTREQD 0x0020 ; #define UF_PASSWD_CANT_CHANGE 0x0040 ; #define UF_ENCRYPTED_TEXT_PASSWORD_ALLOWED 0x0080 ; #define UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWD 0x10000 ; #define UF_MNS_LOGON_ACCOUNT 0x20000 ; #define UF_SMARTCARD_REQUIRED 0x40000 ; #define UF_TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION 0x80000 ; #define UF_NOT_DELEGATED 0x100000 ; #define UF_USE_DES_KEY_ONLY 0x200000 ; #define UF_DONT_REQUIRE_PREAUTH 0x400000 ; #define UF_PASSWORD_EXPIRED 0x800000 ; ... ; ; Profile.x specifies the users profile path ; RoamingProfile.x specifies the roaming profile path ; Home.x specifies the path of the home directory for the new user ; Comment.x contains a comment to associate with the user account ; Script.x specifies the path for the user's logon script file. ; The script file can be a .CMD file, an .EXE file, or a .BAT file. ; Domain.x Domain/Computer where to create the user. If none is specified ; local system will be used. ; Default = x specifies the index of the user which should be used as default user ; i.e. this which will be used for software installation. ; Crypted.x Do not change this, it will be generated automatically by calling "WIHU /EncryptIni" ; and will be removed by "WIHU /DecryptIni" ; If you remoce Crypted.x key, you have to adjust corresponding password.x key ; otherwise password.x will not be decrypted correctly. ; If some of the specified users already exists, user data will be updated with this ; new one specified here. ; ; PREDEFINED VOLATILE ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES ; %ThisUser% Will be replaced by the corresponding user name ; %ThisHome% Will be replaced by the corresponding user home path (ONLY if specified here) ; %ThisProfile% Will be replaced by the corresponding user profile path (ONLY if specified here) ; PREDEFINED SHELL PATHS ARE FOLLOWING ; Note: If you set one of this in here, it will be also set for newly created user ; ; Administrative Tools ; Cache ; CD Burning ; Cookies ; Desktop ; Favorites ; Fonts ; History ; Local AppData ; Local Settings ; My Music ; My Pictures ; My Video ; NetHood ; Personal ; PrintHood ; Programs ; Recent ; SendTo ; Start Menu ; Startup ; Templates ; My Video.x=%systemdrive%\Videos [Users] Default=1 User.1=New User Group.1=1 ;Script.1=logon.cmd ;Status.1=0x10028 ;Status.1=0x20000 Comment.1=Your Newly Created User Account ;home.1=c:\%ThisUser% ;profile.1=%ThisHome% ;roamingprofile.1=%ThisHome%\roaming ; My Video.1=c:\%ThisUser%\Videos ;Domain.2=axp-vpc ;User.2=New Domain User ;Password.2=abc_12345_ssanz_48739722367475 ;Group.2=1 ;Status.2=0x0020 ;Comment.2=This is a new domain user which will be created at specified domain ; Disable Administrator account ;user.0=Administrator ;status.0=0x002 ;Group.0=1 ;crypted.0=32 ;user.2=cde ;password.2=4A3178034B307F044A314A31EA ;crypted.2=12 [environment.0] UserTestEnvVar1=Testdata 1 from users.ini [environment.0] section UserTestEnvVar2=Testdata 2 from users.ini [environment.0] section ; KEYWORD DESCRIPTION ; delete.x=UserName@Domain, (whereby Domain is optional) will delete specified existing windows user account ; disable.x/enable.x=UserName@Domain, (whereby Domain is optional) will disable/enable specified existing windows user account ; Rename.x=FromUser@Domain, ToUser renames a user [Users.Operation] ; delete.0=ASPNET ; disable.0=New User@axp ; rename.0=new user@axp, new and i ran it during runonceex
  9. Ok... for all my tests in vmware, it never crashed. But when I install it on my real computer, after it asks for the user stuff and starts creating it, it crashes. (this program has encountered an error. would you like to send report to microsoft or something like that) Sorry, i can't get the log file since this only happens for my real computer... when it is installing... btw... my comp is a amd64 trying to install 32-bit windows if that makes a differnce
  10. anyone know how to get the variables working?
  11. Update: I still don't have this working but after the install, if i delete this registry entry [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\32418F9EE1126B64A90E8365B85CFCF6] i can install it without the error...
  12. nivek7

    Error 21?

    I figured it out... it was a thing in the registry i had to delete and then it worked manually... but now i have to figure out how it got into the registry. btw, it was an incomplete msi installation thingy entry.
  13. The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation is the error i get when i try to install alcohol 120% manually after the silent installation failed. (i set no such policy ) During the installation, i get no error messages. Before i used WIHU to make users, this didn't happen and it installed smoothly though it might of worked before i switched to WIHU to make users, I don't remember. Also, i have problems with variables in RunOnceEx. I've tried %username%, %userprofile%, and %appdata% and they all dont work (it just ignores them). So far, only %systemdrive% works. Thanks for any help and i hope i put this in the right forum
  14. arg... it copies it to C:\ when i tell it to copy to %appdata%\mozilla (im pretty sure it does... but im sure it did not copy to the right location) ... this makes no sense to me :S
  15. nivek7

    Error 21?

    ok, i still have a problem. all my programs install fine except alcohol 120%. it says the system administrator has set policies to disable this installation (it was something like that) i had no problems when i was using the .cmd to make pre-named users. thanks
  16. sorry if this is obvious, but does enabling this enable the thing in which if you go on another computer and you put in your computer's IP in IE, you can control it? or is it just the thing where you get the program "remote desktop connection" and type in the ip? hehe, hope i made sense thanks
  17. nivek7

    Error 21?

    one more thing... if i don't create the "Administrator" account that is called administrator in wihu, will windows create it anyways with the settings in winnt.sif?
  18. nivek7

    Error 21?

    ok, thanks for your help. time for me to test it!
  19. nivek7

    Error 21?

    If i call it from runonceex, would all the applications install under the new user? or would i have to do a restart first? edit: oh and is there a command that MAKES you restart for sure? so i can use the norestartchange and that command...
  20. nivek7

    Error 21?

    oh, i use runonceex for programs but i want to use wihu to make my users since i don't want a pre-named username and i want the person to make their own user. also i want the runonceex to install all the programs for that user...
  21. nivek7

    Error 21?

    I run it from a cmd file which is called from cmdlines. I am also Windows XP... Hmm... thats strange, i don't get the error when i run it "normally" but i get the error when i call it from the cmd file which is called by cmdlines... so i have to remake iso and test it again in vmware to log it... ill be about an hour.. hehe
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