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  1. Se7en_UA - working with Win 8.1

    Hi there, Thanks for a great bit of software that supports Win 8.1 As a novice user of the tool, all I want to do is remove the Metro Apps from my .iso, is there a simple way just to skip straight to this step ? Or do you need to go through and tick every step in sequence - even if not using that feature ? Secondly is there any way to remove the Skydrive app aswell. I see it isn't listed in the APPX packages anymore. Is that because it's more deeply intergrated into the OS now with 8.1 ? Regards
  2. Removing Indexing Service, without breaking Startmenu search Can it be added to the program to be able to remove the Indexing service but keep the start menu search feature ?? It was possible with some of the ealier methods eg the guide by Liquid0624 In RT lite under services removal... If you select "windows search" for removal it removes the SearchEngine-Client-Package which is the start menu search. The indexing service is a package called Indexing-Service-Package which would be noce to be able to remove, but keeping the above feature intact. Possible ???
  3. Still Loads of bugs in this program. Version 1.3.0 I've literally spent all day trying to get a satisfactory build, currently testing build no 9... There seems to be some bugs/glitches with the component removal page. Stuff you want to keep gets removed..... stuff you want removed is kept. Text and options/tick boxes get greyed out and dissappear at random. You can see the conflicts in the lastsession.inf and the "[Components]" and "[Features]" after the process has finished. Ah well, it is nearly a great program.... nevermind