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  1. oh shoot, i was using the front USB. Yes the HUBscan program worked so I thought thats what I needed to do. I'll try right now. edit: Nah, the program just does not want to see my flash drive. I dont know why, USBDveiw and Chipgenius can see it fine. Also Device Manager sees it, I dont know why this program will not. The HUBscan utility can see there is something plugged in, but the program just won't show anything like on page 8 of the manual. This is weird. edit 2: OOOOOO hold up. I tried this on another computer with XP and it worked. I can see the device, it even recognized it as 8GB. But instead of the USB icon there was a ? icon. I clicked start and it is doing something, the computer is really old and slow so I have to wait... I hope it works. edit 3: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, you are PRO! Do you have a Ph.D? Also, is it supposed to be 7.25GB free? I don't remember how it was before. And is it better to keep it as FAT32 or switch to NTFS?
  2. nah, nothing happened. I think this is why: in the manual there was some info on the "Port 1" line, I just get a blank spot.
  3. Ok is this what you are looking for? http://img62.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=mptool1.jpg
  4. The MP tool, this one seems to work fine, I think it does detect when I plug in the USB drive with HubScan. The problem is that I don't know what to do with the program, I need to find a tutorial somewhere. The manual doesn't say what to input before clicking "Start".
  5. Okay I tried all those utilities under Windows XP and the same error message came up: "Device was not found". Also I tried to plug in a couple of other (working) USB drives and still the same message. There could be a problem with the utility. I"m running Windows 7 Build 7201, not Vista. Also it is 32-bit. I've always had a feeling that these problems are best resolved outside Windows, I remember having a problem once with partitioning a drive, Windows could not do it so I had to get a program G-parted and run it from a CD before windows started. I think these DOS-like environments are much better, that's just how I'm feeling right now. Maybe I can get one of these programs that could see the drive I plug into the USB and just format it, then I think it will work? Do you know any programs like that? I'm not saying G-parted specifically, maybe a similar program that you think could identify my USB drive at least enough to format it. As you have proven my Finding skills aren't Pro, that's why I'm asking.
  6. Okay the problem was that Firefox would not download the Beeblebrox program, it would get stuck at 55%. So what I did was searched for it on Google, then went to archive.org to get a copy which did not work. But now I tried that link you have me in IE 8 and it worked. There is no new entries in the drop-down if I insert the USB drive, nothing changes the screen just looks like this: This particular device is just an ordinary pen drive, no partitions or anything like that. Chipgenius says the drive is UT165 but when I try to utilities I get error messages: "Could not find device" or "Device is not plugged in". This happens with "Super Stick Recovery Tool" and "UT165_UFDUtility". I installed the UT165MP program and I read through the manual, but I dont know what to do. Seems complicated to me. What can I do next? Also, how do you know about all these programs? Have you used them before or did you find them with google? I tried to look for recovery utilities before and I have found nothing.
  7. If I try to click on the numbers 1-8 in HDhacker then re-run the program by clicking "Read Sector from Disk" then I get nothing back (just white space), doesn't matter if I have the USB in or out. It only works for the number "0" and I get the screen I posted earlier. I tried to run the Beeblebrox program ( .bat file) but my computer cannot run it, it opens a DOS-type window then closes it in about 1/10th of a second (too fast, I cannot read what it says). I tried running in compatibility mode and "run as administrator" and still did not work (same thing happened). Why is it important to see what this says? If HDhacker cannot see it, then it means that the USB device is not recognized as a drive. I am thinking that the software arrangement on the drive got screwed up when PEtoUSB tried to format it, so now the computer is confused when it tires to read it.
  8. Okay maybe I'm not using HDhacker right, I get 9 numbers on the drop-down box with and without the USB plugged in: With USB: And with the USB inside: I also tried the USBDview program and it recognizes it as well. When the USB is in, it says "Connected: Yes". Also it assigns letter "F:" as before. Unfortunately there is no "Format" option in this program, which is what I need. If there could be a program like this where it would recognize the USB device and format it, I think that would fix it. Also I have cleaned the registry, my keyboard and mouse stopped working for a while but now they are okay. Still, the USB device is not changed. I think I'm ready for the next step, even if it is a risk. Right now the 8GB drive is broken so I might as well try anything.
  9. My Far Cry 2 benchmarks

    I have a 4870 1GB and a Phenom II 955 and I get ~80FPS with everything on maximum setting and 1680x1050. FarCry 2 has good graphics but doesn't eat too many resources. With crysis I can only get 20-25FPS if i put everything on max. It is a poor designed engine.
  10. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. When I run HDhacker, it displays the same results with and without the USB drive connected. This is what I see: But when I use ChipGeniuis, I get different results when I plug in the USB drive. When I plug it in, it says "Changes Detected" in blue, then it refreshes the results. Here is what I see: No USB: And with USB connected: Now what do I need to do from here? P.S. When I plug the USB out, ChipGenius says "Changes Detected: Drive [F:] Removed". When the USB was working, it was assigned letter [F:]. I don't know if this helps. Thanks for the help!
  11. I was using the program PEtoUSB to format my new 8GB USB drive so I can put a bootable XP installation on it, anyway, the program could not format this into FAT16 because 8GB is too much (now I know...) But after I quit the program, now the USB drive is not detectable anymore, none of my 4 computers could see it, I tried it with Win 7 Win XP and Linux. People told me to go to Disk Manager but it does not show up there either. The only place I can see it is under Device Manager under Disk Drives > USB Drive, however I cannot format it from there. It says "The Device is Working Properly" lol I just need a way of getting this formatted back, and I'm out of ideas. Also it is werid because if I try to turn on the computer with this in the USB port it will get stuck under the "Starting Windows" screen, and I have to pull it out to continue. Can anyone help me or is this garbage?