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  1. OK, sorry. Had the chance to test my install. It seems it didn't integrate for some reason. However I tried it again, and got the error message. Still, if you hit "don't repair", it still lets you continue with nlite. You still can't choose it as a default theme, but the integration still works, and if you're building your slipstream disc from an xpize'd computer, you can "include" themes, then use it as a default. Not a perfect fix but it works. If all else fails (I'll state the obvious), simply include the xpize installer (and any other proggys you normally install on a new system) in an "extras" folder that you create on the XP disc. then run it first thing after the os boots.
  2. Hi all, new user here. First: Thank you! This package works as it should right out of the gate, and brings a whole new feel to the OS. Just like you say, this is how it should have been. Second: I love everything so far, though I agree the lt blue boot screen is a little primative compared to the rest of the package, that is the one thing I would change. Third: I think the installer needs clarification. When you click on the advanced tab, you can install all the themes. Well this gives the impression that one can switch between them at any given time. Which is true for most of it, but not for the logon screens etc. correct??? Fourth: I actually installed two instances at the same time btw, one with some options, and one with all themes checked, thinking that it would "repair" the first install. but it didn't. Fifth: If one uninstalls, there are definately some icons and graphics that remain. Not a big deal since the new ones are so good, but it's worth mentioning nonetheless. Sixth: Regarding Nlite. You need to run nlite (do all your patches, installs, preference changes, etc. now or later, it doesn't matter), However, somewhere towards the back of the proggy, there's an option to "allow windows to accept any theme from the internet" or something like that. Make sure you check this. Then save (finalize) without making a disc or image file. Then when you're done, integrate xpize into the folder. When you restart nlite, you won't get the .dll error message. You can then integrate and customize the rest of the way, or simply skip all this and burn the disc with any program. I have not actually tried a test install yet, I'll do it later today. But since I don't get the error message it looks promising. Anyway thanks for letting me partially hijack the thread.

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