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  1. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Thank you jaclaz. Climbing in the znpc forum has introduced you, so I heard your name a long time ago. Thank you for your encouragement. I will try to discuss with you in English, but also want you to guide the forum in China. Now, let me introduce related research in China wuyou forums (before firadisk). We have also studied the virtual SATA / RAID driver floppy problem encountered during installation, in wuyou forums. For example, in my topic, the post#1251 to post#1272. And we get some of the conclusions in the June 4, 2009, in the post#1251 (google translation): This important discovery should be attributed to chenall and zhaohj. On that day, I realized this method and gives an independent component in post#5. At this point, emulation driver floppy problem satisfactorily resolved. Two months later, I made a topic, gives a detailed graphic tutorial. In the topic post#7, chenall further gives a grub4dos menu, only one image file is needed to be simulation of two floppy disks (google translation):
  2. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Since you read and write both Chinese and English, you appear not to consider how difficult can be for a "westerner" to access the wuyou Forum. Through Google translate it is often impossible to navigate Chinese sites, if they use .gif or .jpeg with ideograms which of course the translator cannot see "properly" and translate, and the language is so different that it is very difficult to understand the translated text anyway. Any chance you can post a few direct links to the relevant pages? Or create on boot-land an English Topic for those? jaclaz Sorry for my poor English, it was the first time I logged into a foreign website and wrote something in English. A friend named fujianabc introduced me to this site. I would like to create on boot-land an English topic on programed menu of grub4dos after my English skills improved. The post#15 on the grub4dos Chinese forum is in English. It shares a link of 0PE.ISO. If you have simplified chinese windows xp/2003 installed on hard disk, it can boot into windows pe desktop and do more things if all goes well. I have not tried on an English version. Fortunately, the functions of 0PE about installing XP/2003 to a SATA/RAID hard disk via CD or ISO (menuitem [4] User Menu with F6.ZIP and menuitem [A] Setup /WIN$.ISO) are all in English. 0PE first made SATA / RAID driver floppy disk emulation (sometimes also done iso CD-ROM emulation), and then transferred to user-defined grub4dos menu. Through this menu, users can continue to install the system in the normal way or do otherthing. In particular, when you have a CD, you do not need an integrated SATA/RAID drivers to it. The installation process do not need to press F6 (this feature does not depend on the firadisk). The specified file /MYISO.ISO or /WIN$.ISO will be used when you have no CD. /WIN$.ISO can also be placed on pxe server. If your driver is not included in F6.ZIP, you can simply pack your driver files, as /OEM_SRS.ZIP (txtsetup.oem must be located in the package of the most top-level), it will take precedence over F6.ZIP. It exists in the way of independent components. Its advantages were not concerned about the CD/ISO content. Nor modify the CD/ISO or hard disk content. Therefore, it can be used to start other pe, to provide SATA / RAID driver support, or provide a permanent virtual CD, floppy disk support. I would like to point out that key consideration here is the SATA/RAID, non-integrated, non-modified, and independent component.
  3. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Thanks. That's awesome grub4dos usage too. Can you clarify some details? Txtsetup.oem does contain a empty [Defaults] section. Do I have to set a [Defaults] entry? Or does windows load all [scsi] drivers by default? Yes, firadisk v0.0.1.12 does solve this. I'm using this too in the mean time. Yes, we have invented a way to use grub4dos, called "Programmed Menu", which can be found in pseudo's 0PE and chenall's MicroPE on wuyou forum. The menuitems of booting 0PE.ISO or MicroPE.ISO have been listed in sample menu.lst of grub4dos release. You may notice some files, such as F6.ZIP, is not an .img format file. There are many drivers in F6.ZIP including Intel, VIA, SIS, etc. These drivers will be the contents of the virtual floppies. The program detects the HardwareIds of the hard disk and sets a appropriate [Defaults] entry automatically. Windows load the defaults driver only. You don't need to press F6.
  4. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    I have given a solution(without firadisk) at wuyou in chinease(with detail figures) for a few months on how to install xp/2003 to a SATA/RAID hard disk with CDROM and without physical floppies: http://bbs.wuyou.com/viewthread.php?tid=14...&highlight= Another solution with firadisk v0.0.1.12 is available to install xp/2003 iso: http://bbs.wuyou.com/viewthread.php?tid=14...;extra=page%3D2