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  1. I would have the same questions as Jaclaz... I have ran into this before as well when doing a Win7 boot repair on a computer. I didn't have Grub4dos switch the drive order when I booted the Win repair ISO and my USB was drive 0. The repair cd then put some of the needed boot files on the USB rather than on the HD. I moved the boot files onto the HD from the USB drive and then used BCDEDIT to point to the right drive for the bootfiles...
  2. Firadisk method works ok for me... Thanks! ~Fizz
  3. I was attempting to run this type of setup but ran into a small snag... If I go into presetup.cmd and add the line below "DPsFound" (as suggested). Then when it goes into TXT-mode setup, it will say that it "cannot copy presetup.cmd". If I go back to an ISO where this is unchanged, it will copy the file fine (but then loses the ISO mapping in GUI setup). If I manually copy the changed presetup.cmd then GUI setup will work fine. Any ideas why modifying presetup.cmd would make it fail to copy in TXT setup? If I look in TXTSETUP.SIF, I see setuporg.exe and presetup.cmd listed properly under sourcedisk files (as people on other message boards suggested checking this) Thanks ~Fizz
  4. This could be useful for me as well if I need to extract out of an ISO my flash drive while in bartpe and setup the flash drive to install with this program. Just thought I would give it a bump if at all possible... if not then keep up the good work anyway!! ~Fizz
  5. Can you clarify some parts: Which windows files did you used? Do you use a OEM version? Did you slipstream a SP? How do you slipstreams? Did you changed windows files in addition? Did you edited, added or deleted a file? Which menu.lst do you use? Does RAM loaded ISO image contain a file RAMBOOT.LST? Which contents does contain file RAMBOOT.LST? How much RAM does computer hold?Sorry, there is a issue with relative path. Try full path MkISO_RAMload_sort.cmd C:\INST\XP_RAM Windows XP SP3 setup disk, unattaned with driverpacks (method2). Also nlited to get the image size down I tried both menu methods posted in post #69 on page 4, they both load the iso fine, but stop with that error I mentioned before. ISO does contain ramboot.lst which I tried to boot from
  6. It does work fine to load the whole image, I just was looking for setting this up on older/slower machines. ~Fizz
  7. Ok went to test it...It boots and gets to "starting windows" section of txt setup. Blue screens with this message "Stop: c0000221 unknown hard error \systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll" I take it something didn't get sorted right or ???
  8. Don't know what I was doing wrong before - I think I got it to create properly now. I will test it out and see how it works
  9. Spent some time on _http://www.flashboot.ru/ (with google translate) trying to get my alcor based drive working. Could get the cd image/partition to format fine but booting the WinXP CD portion would just not work in a couple of computers that I tried. I also have a flash drive with a USBest chip, I got that to format/boot fine on 2x computers with no problems...
  10. Any simplier methods to make a sorted ISO? I seem to be having a heck of a time getting all the tools to work, and getting strange errors from the .cmd... ~Fizz
  11. The general idea of a BLUE Screen of Death is that it should be blue. And, if it is a 0x0000007b it will have 0x0000007b displayed in white on it. So, no, if it is a black hanging screen it is a BHS (Black Hanging Screen) and is not a BSOD. It reminds me more of a timing problem of some kind or a problem/conflict with loading a driver than anything else, maybe you should try on that machine to make a USB stick WITHOUT the whole mass of the driverpacks, adding only, if needed, the single mass storage driver that machine needs. It is also possible that that stoopid machine, being a DELL has one of those pesky BIOSes that have appeared lately to e incomaptibloe with a good half of "advanced" booting programs/techniques, there are a lot of reports lately of grub4dos freezing on DELL machines, though if you get up to "setup is starting windows" it shouldn't be the problem. Another semi-random attempt may be that of using PLoP as an intermediate bootloader, reloading from it the USB device: http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html Do BOTH 0.2.3 and Beta 1.0.x behave the same? The two versions use a different approach.... jaclaz Jaclaz- Thanks for the help, I will try out some of your suggestions. I have only tried with 1.0b4 and b5 but not 0.2.3. I tried using Plop to boot from USB, but it seems to hang loading up Grub4dos (CMain loading...???). I will also try with just the E6400 driver and not the driverpack... Thanks for your help Fizz
  12. Any other ideas on this one? I have switched out the ntdetect.com for the modified one, and also used the mass storage driver pack. I have a Dell E6400 that hangs after "setup is starting windows" on a black screen. When I tried it on some othe rmachines (Optiplex 620, 745) it would get error 7B now with those changes all other machines work ok ECXEPT the E6400. I assume its BSOD 7B? But it just hangs at a black screen after "setup is starting windows" during txt setup. Thanks for your help ~Fizz //edit: Also tried hard drive in ATA, AHCI, IRRT modes...
  13. Any thoughts on this? I have been using the WinSetupFromUSB tool that was developed here (and is very nice ! )and saw this tool mentioned on another site the other day. http://wintoflash.com/overview/en/

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