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  1. For the record a PE 1.x is a PE 1.x, and it is EXACTLY "as a BartPE". It can be built with both BartPE and Winbuilder (besides manually ). What is added to it as shell or as pre-set programs is entirely up to the builder. jaclaz how to do?
  2. Really? jaclaz so can u tell me how to do ?(create its) thanks
  3. can anybody tell me how to create MINI windows XP like in Hirent boot ? its not like bart PE, thanks u
  4. thanks u ser so how i can to do? pls tell me too cos i'm realy don't know about it thanks u
  5. all body i'm hert that server 2003 can remote desktop by web from any where so can i ask sombody? my server at work in company,and i'm not yet finish my work,so if i want to remote by web from my home can or not? thanks u

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