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  1. Thanks jaclaz for your reply. I am a bit confused. 1. I decided to buy (not cheaply) Nokia cable CA 42 after having see the informative video by nitrohelix (Thanks for that!), and because my laptop does not have Serial ports. 2. Now I read around (from two or three members) that there may be issues: 2.1 In case the cable is not Original -- this is not my case 2.2 In the case the cable si Original, but looks like the following (picture borrowed from Jhothagondyaz in his post here June 26:thanks) -- this is also my case 2.3 In case of using a laptop -- this is my case too. I did not try the HD connection (just yet), because I would like to test that the Cable works in first instance, being the one with trouble 2.2. I learned that a loopback test is what I need. As I said however I do not have any recognition that the cable after installing Nokia Setup.msi as described in the previous post of mine. [[EDIT: Now I attached a battery of 3v to cable 1 and 5 and CA 42 is perfectly recognized by the laptop. Windows Devices shows an additional Modem as Nokia CA 42 USB Modem. I set up the hyperterminal connecting to the port (COM4) of the Nokia modem, I had first the impression that the loopback did not worked (I used also TeraTerm 3.13), because I did not see my typing retyped back. However I later understood that the loopback is just this: see what you typed on the keyboard. /End EDIT]] I did not understand if Jhothagondyaz was able to come out with a final solution, since he was with the same cable of mine (I send him a PM to ask this - no answer yet). My questions are: 1) Is it a problem of power supply to the cable? 1.1) Do I need to use 3V batteries to pin 1 and 5 (Nokia mobile side of the cable), to make CA 42 detected? [[EDIT: To these two questions the answer is YES if you have Cable 2.2 /End EDIT]] 2) After Cable detection, and with the presence of Nokia CA 42 USB Modem, how will be the settings for the hyperterminal (or TeraTerm 3.13 portable edition)? [[EDIT: Just be sure to pick up the same port of Nokia USB Modem. The loopback does not mean that you see what you typed twice. You will see it just once /End EDIT]] 3) I guess that the batteries should stay there during the connection to the Seagate. Is this correct? If this is so do I need also to attach the GND (black cable) in addition to Rx and Tx, being the power of the CA 42 different from the power of the HD? [[EDIT: I tried and both questions do have a YES answer /End EDIT]] TIA for any help. [[EDIT: I hope the EDIT notes may be to some help to other members /End EDIT]]
  2. Great place! My Seagate 7200.11 (with two partitions in a USB box) is not detected by the BIOS. Yet, I am not 100% sure that the cause is a BSY Error (I had the day before in fact an (extra) voltage quirk due to lightening with the USB HD box switch off, but with the power cord attached. I think this unfortunate event could also explain the faulty unit - I fear a damage in Heads/preamp since TVSs and PCB seem ok). I want to run therefore a terminal session to check if the error is the typical Error LED:000000CC, which should make the hypothesis "BSY Error" more certain. I do not want make mistakes (I have vital data on the HD), and I am stacked at the very beginning. Please be kind and guide a novice. Material available: Notebook Lenovo X40 (without serial ports and CD) USB cable Nokia CA 42 (original) USB-Sata Bridge (where I take the power for the HD) I am stacked at the very beginning because I want to test that the cable CA 42 works, before connecting it with the HD. This is what I did: a. I installed from the Nokia website the drivers (6MB): Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver_ita.msi b. I connected the cable (I do not have any Nokia mobile) only with the USB (i.e. without nothing on the other side), and I do not have in the Lenovo any kind of detection in the Windows devices, nor any message "new hardware found". c. Without seeing the USB cable I cannot complete the setting (COM port,etc) and test it, by shortcircuiting the poles Tx & Rx, so to check if typing in the Hyperterminal will be echoed (loop-back test). So my question is on how to install the USB CA 42 on the Lenovo. Do I need to install drivers? The ones I did are correct? How can I detect that the Cable works ok, and made before proceeding further the hyperterminal test described above? Thanks for these very preliminary advices