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  1. It does add polish to the job, but since I'll be the only one to use it, I don't think I'll take the time... And I totally agree with you on the fact that Adobe is lazy... Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi! It's almost done. But I have a question about the file version/size info. I don't understand how it works. Here's my question: When I first got an admin installation point, I installed from it and version 6.0.2 was installed (confirmed by the about box and the versions of the files). However, now that I edit the MSI, I see that the file version included inside the MSI itself is still the old one (6.0.1.something). Why is this information present inside the MSI? I guess the file size is the same. Do I really have to update it? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I don't have a lot of time during the week, but I'll try to take a look in the next few days...
  4. I read the post, but there's a lot of things! It seems to remove pretty much every plug-ins. I know from the rest of the thread that you are working on a version that installs thoise plug-ins in another directory. But what exactly concerns "PrintMe"? Is it only the "New Feature 87" + the shortcuts? RyanVM: You said that you use Orca and WinINSTALL LE for different purposes. What do you use Orca for, in this case? Also, I downloaded and extracted the files from your customized English version. I'll compare what I had and what you had to customize mine the same way that you did. I'll have to adjust a little bit: I have more files (both English and French for a lot of files where you only have one, and there are a few GUID that are different, but I should manage... Thanks!
  5. To anyone that is interested: I downloaded WinINSTALL LE from here. I also managed to find Orca without having to download 350 MB on this page. WinINSTALL LE (from the "About" box): Product version: 8.00.0000 Build: 19.5 Orca (from the "About" box"): Version 2.0.3672.0 RyanVM: Are those the correct versions?
  6. Thanks! It's not urgent. Whenever you have the time...
  7. No, never. I'm new to this "Unattended installation" thing. I just downloaded and installed WinINSTALL LE (still can't believe it's free) and looked around. I'm pretty sure I could figure it out (with the help files, of course), but if you could show me the right way, I'd appreciate it! I always say that the best way to learn is to go for it! As for Orca, I searched for it and I have to download about 350 MB from Microsoft to get it? Is this really it? Are both product needed? Or do they do the same thing, with different interfaces? Thanks!
  8. RyanVM: Just what I thought: it does work. I now have an administrative installation point for Adobe Reader 6.0.2 French. However, it still says 6.0.1 when I install (but the splash screen says 6.0.2), just like you had with the English version. At the risk of repeating myself , if you could post what you did to customize your installation point, I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!
  9. On this page (link copied from the first post of the thread), I can see that there is a full version for French 6.0.2 (no Italian yet, though). I can confirm that the French full version was not on the page at the beginning of August, just a few weeks ago. At that time, I had to download the full version of 6.0.1 and the patch to upgrade to 6.0.2, just like the Italian version is today. But now, there is a French full version, which is 38.7 MB. This procedure can be found on page 4 of this thread: I'm downloading the French full version now to check if I can use this procedure on it, and I bet I can. And if I can, there's no reason the rest of your procedure (to remove PrintMe, keep only one shortcut and using the registry tweaks) won't work. I will try it and let you know. If it works, I would really appreciate the details of what you did to customize your admin point... I'll be back!
  10. Wow, great work! This is my first post, but I'm a faithful reader! You guys (and girls!) are all very good! There's just one thing: I would really like having the same thing with the French version of Adobe Reader 6.0.2, without PrintMe and stupid shortcuts, and with the registry tweaks. Is there any way that you could describe everything that you did, so I could replicate it with the French version? Thanks!

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