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  1. I tried to add this line COMPOBJ.DLL,,COMPOBJ.TMP,4 and the same message is displayed but this time after the reboot, i will try your second suggestion...
  2. @ gape, French SP on French Windows 98 SE... Compobj.dll is english, i didn't find it in french. To original file is the version and the new one is any idea?
  3. Hello, with your version 2.1a i got a problem while installing, before the end of the SP install, Windows tells me that the compobj.dll file has been replaced by an older version, that the file is in use and that windows must restart to repair the problem. Is it possible to avoid that message to be shown?
  4. Hello, I still trying to improve the french version of the service pack, but there are some translated files that i can't find, here is the list: Q239696 IOS.VXD Q242193 NWREDIR.VXD Q246817 VPOWERD.VXD Q257360 VPICD.VXD Q277628 VFAT.VXD Q309081 IRENUM.VXD Q319571 KEYB.COM Q323455 VREDIR.VXD If someone has these files, can you please send it to me, so i can include them in the next release of the French Version of the service pack. Thanks
  5. @ Petr, thanks for your help, there are some files that i translated myself into french because i didn't find it in that language. and some files are still in english... I will continue to improve the french version but this version of the SP works great... bye
  6. Hello Everybody, For the french users, the french version of the Service Pack 2.1 is available on Gravure-Hebdo I hope you find it usefull.
  7. Ok, Itried with one ..\ more and It seems to work, Thanks
  8. @hp38guser for info i tested your solution to my problem but it didn't work, that not a problem for me i will keep the method dated form 8th october, this one works.
  9. Thanks a lot for your help, i'll try the new drivers.au3...
  10. hello bilou, here is the dospath in the file: Ok I think there is no way to make the method dated from october the 11th work with my multiboot DVD, that not a big problem because the method form 8th october works... Thanks for your answer.
  11. Hello, i find your method very cool but i have a question about the use of your method with a multiboot DVD, here is my DVD structure: ├───HOM1 ├───HOM2 ├───HOM3 │.......├───winnt.sif ├───PRO1 ├───PRO2 ├───PRO3 │.......├───winnt.sif ├───SETUP │.......├───XPPRO │................├───$OEM$ │................├───i386 │.......├───XPHOME │................├───$OEM$ │................├───i386 ├───WPI │.......├───DRIVERS │................├───Monitor │................├───nVidia │................├───Printer I tested your method with the files dated from 08th october and it worked perfectly, but i'm unsure if the new files dated from 11th will work on my config, i there a way to adapt the command line in winnt.sif to my config? Thanks for your help
  12. Hello MDGx, i'd like to contnue translating the 98se2me pack but i have a little problem, i'can't find a french version of the sysdm.cpl file version 4.90.3000, i tried to translate it myself, as i did it for the windows 98 version but it didn't work. Do you were i could find that file? Thanks for your answer. MAtze
  13. Hello, for the french users, a new french version of the Service Pack 2.0.2 is avaible on my website : Gravure-Hebdo, the new build is labeled 2.0.2b, the release includes some files that i've re-translated into french (sydm.dll & mprserv.dll + logos and some graphics). Bye
  14. Ok, this time it works perfectly, your fix in the latest version is ok and the system doesn't hang anymore on reboot. For pinball.exe the file is located in the cab number 16 in the french version so i corrected the batch to extract the right cab. I will upload the corrected version today on my site. thanks a lot for your help
  15. I found a second bug: the pinball exe is'nt copied in the windows/pinball folder bye
  16. Hello, I will update the french version on my website as soon as possible, but there still is a bug, when the computer reboots after the extraction of the cab, the system boots in native DOS and starts to do a backup, the cloning is made without problem but then it hangs and nothing appends, there already was that problem in the version of 2005-05-15, the only solution i found to avoid this problem was to delete some lines in the 98medos.bat file: MDGx can you correct the problem? Bye
  17. Hello, for the french users, or the users of the french versions of Windows, i made a translation of the program dated from 2005-05-15, you can find it on my website : http://www.webmatze.tk
  18. hello, For the reboot problem during the SP install i think i found a sloution: you just have to put the line "SmartReboot=N' in the scr56.inf file a the reboot is disabled. I did it for the french version of the SP and it seems to work properly. I hope it helps Matze
  19. Just a little message to Gape: I made an inf file that installs a dll in the windows directory, that dll contains Windows Me icons and the inf file write infos in the registry to change the defaults desktop icons. There is also an uninstall feature. If you are interested let me know and i send you the files.
  20. I made a french version of the service pack 2.0 beta 3, you can find it on my website: http://www.webmatze.tk ->Traductions -> Système. I hope you find it usefull.
  21. I think i have perhaps found where the problem comes from, in a bacth file i detelte the following key : hkcu\software\microsoft\internet explorer\styles before wpi ends. It think it could cause the problem.
  22. I think i have found a bug in the new version, i did a clean install, and at the end of my install a batch file calls a reboot (with shutdown.exe), but at this time instead of closing wpi has shown a message that said that there was a error in generate.js at the line 16 (if i good remember) in the SetScriptWaitTimeout function.

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