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  1. Hi! I have PC with 3 OS (Multiboot): Win98SE/2000/XP. System Config: MB: "ASUS K8V-X" (Socket 754, VIA K8T800, DDR, AGP8x), CPU: "AMD Sempron 3100+" (Palermo, Socket 754), RAM: 1024 MB. I have encountered difficulties with videocard "Leadtek WinFast A6600" (GeForce 6600, 8x/4x AGP-slot, 128 MB onboard RAM) when installing driver under Win98 (under Win2000/XP on the same PC this card works without any problems). I have tried following driver versions: 71.84, 77.72, 81.98, 82.69 (both versions: 82.69 from NVIDIA and 82.69 "Tweaked Unofficial"). With ALL above mentioned driver versions I can NOT change screen resolution and refresh rate: my Win98 runs only in 640x480x60hz mode! (but I CAN change color depth: 256/16-bit/32-bit and so on). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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