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  1. thanks for the info Tripredacus. My question about 'why we need a pxe server' was based on kyor's reply where he says: I am not sure but maybe he was trying to say that "I do not need a pxe server when I boot from a floppy disk" Although I do understand the "basic" concept of using a pxe media is so as to not having to carry around boot medias and instead make use of network boots. From what I understand so far, clients make use of the pxe protocol, hard coded into the nics and boots off a pxe master image stored on the server such as WDS, 3com pxe server - these are the only pxe options I know so far. And as I was looking for a solution to simultaneously run (as a choice, of course) other pxe boot images which also supports the older DOS-16 & related tools (eg., ghost.exe instead of ghost32.exe). Infact, Ghost was actually the main reason for me to look for something like a multi-boot pxe solution, since I have heard that ghost-32 using winpe has been found to be slower for imaging compared to the ghost-16 via DOS. And then came along the ideas to have the other "Support" tools for troubleshooting along with ghost. And as result of searching, I landed on this thread. However, I am still all ears to anything & everything related to Deployment technologies (turning out to be a favorite subject of mine). So thanks so much for your information. Keep posting & I will try to do the same
  2. Thanks kyor. Eventually, my idea is to have a point of network access for all the clients, where they can be booted into the network and get a screen of choices for running all possible helpdesk & admin tools - ghost, recovery tools, antivirus for boot sectors, etc, etc. - and to make all this possible without the help of any CDs, floppies or other removable medias. I really would not mind using any network/server method available for the whole setup, as long as it isn't too complex This is what I am trying to figure out, so why exactly would I need to use a "PXE" server - would one reason be that some of older machines do not support pxe boot? Or any other advantages in using a pxe server? Sure kyor, anytime you are able to reply. Thanks. Meanwhile anyone else feeling like adding some knowledge to the topic, please do so! Much appreciated.
  3. hello kyor This might be something similar to what I have been looking for but please tell me if I have understood this correct. - So using this guide, I could have a pxe boot image which gives menu choices of DOS, Linux, WinPE, Ghost (?), etc., when I a client is booted to the network via pxe, correct? - And I could have a choice of ghost32.exe OR ghost.exe via DOS at the bootscreen, possible? - And also I could add any other programs to the menu if I wanted to such as recovery softwares, antivirus, repair tools, etc. - can I have all these at the boot menu? - which one is acting as the pxe server in this setup? Thanks in advance.
  4. hmm thats strange ...I just tried now. seems like it is working. try this one again http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums...49-dc3fef3b75b4
  5. Thanks for the reply Tripredacus. Yes I understand that now. After this post, I found another thread about the dhcp server whch explains - social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/itprovistadeployment/thread/ec8723d5-653b-4914-8649-dc3fef3b75b4 thanks again for the reply.
  6. hi Tripredacus this is a nice guide for someone new to the to the WDS/PXE setup. Thanks! I was wondering about the DHCP server setup - can we just an existing one since we already have one. So I can skip 'Step 2' ,correct? And I have ghost & AIK already setup on a different standalone server (have been using it as a ghostcast server and also for making Win PE boot disks), so I could just install WDS component on this server itself and follow the rest of your instructions, yes? Thanks again for the nice guide!

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