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  1. http://www.microsoft...r_programs.aspx Our organization has a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher agreement. We buy our retail XP Pro, 7 Pro and Office 2007 product keys from MS for $6 each. The only way to use the new product key is on refurbished computers that have an existing MS COA . The MS guide says it is okay to pre activate for the end user but the end user must be shown and accept the EULA during OOBE. The guide says it can be done but they really don't have any specifics. I figured out how to do it for XP by reading the OPK.chm. I thought Win 7 was going to make my job easier.....
  2. I work for a computer refurbisher that uses only retail XP Pro and retail Windows 7 Pro licenses. The contract we have specifies that the OS must be pre activated so the end user is only presented with the Microsoft EULA page when they boot the first time. XP was relatively easy to figure out how to do this; basically deploy a sysprep image, boot to the desktop to check for driver issues enter the product key and activate. After completing a post installation checklist another sysprep was run using: sysprep -activated -reseal -shutdown in conjunction with a sysprep.inf which had the produc
  3. How do you keep XP activated but require the end user to accept the EULA? I have tried making a master image then sysprep -factory; once image is deployed and drivers are checked I add the end user's product key and this to the sysprep.inf: Unattended AutoActivate=Yes then sysprep -quiet -activated -reseal. This doesn't work for me because during reboot setup still wants a product key. I'm wondering if it is because when I made the master installation I activated it but was not yet in Factory mode. Hopefully someone knows how this can be done. thank you
  4. Watch This Video It shows how to make a free hidden recovery partition using imagex, WinPE 2.0 and some opensource software. This is based on Microsofts OPK but improved by using the authors customizations.
  5. I am using a MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) Key. The installation media is a retail disc. When I make the master image I put a key into the sysprep.inf so during setup it does not require adding the key. During activation there is the message saying that the key entered has already been activated too many times (this is expected) and that is when the new key is entered and XP is activated. I am suspecting that maybe SP3 has something to do with this problem because I didn't have this issue last year when I was using SP2 based images. Thanks
  6. I have a sysprepped image of the retail version of XP PRO with SP3 and IE8. I made this image on June 21 2009. The image has been deployed on over 160 computers since June 21 but just yesterday I started getting the "This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows Validation and you have not yet resolved the problem.... http://picasaweb.google.com/pwagner9999/Th...641874634474386 Up until yesterday no problem; today I had three out of 25 computers get that message. I have to put in the key code and validate before I can get to the desktop. The other computers all get to the desktop and hav
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