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  1. and sometimes it's just the cop.

    I have been pulled over several times. I have gotten one speeding ticket (legit but it was a trap), one warning and let go the rest of the time.

    Worst case for me without the ticket was passing through a very small town at about 2:00 a.m. I was doing 80-90 mph in a 35 zone. In the back of my mind, something said that there was a cop car. Soooooooooo, I slowed down and pulled into a derelict gas station and waited. I followed the same procedures here as gamehead did. In the rearview mirror, I saw the leaves on the trees pulse with light as the cop approached around a corner and suddenly I saw his headlights and then they quickly pointed towards the ground as he stood on his brakes. He pulled up behind me, got out, walked up to my car and asked me 'Why did you stop?' and I replied 'I knew you were coming'. He then asked me if I was going to speed again and I said 'No'. He let me go. :) I honestly think that he never had a chance to get a radar gun on me and he never had the chance to get behind me to clock my speed. Stopping first saved my butt.


  2. LG with 3.1 MP camera, microSD, texting and the usual stuff. I talk on in for less than 10 minutes a day, take a picture or two a week, it stays on 24/7 and the battery lasts about 4 days. Worst thing I have found with the charge on the battery is not the battery but getting out of range on towers. When the phone can't find a tower, it searches like mad and you lose charge quickly.


  3. @exquisite000- Well, mitsukai didn't publish your key. On the other hand, you unfortunately did. When you posted your .ini files, they will have been scanned over by search engines and anybody else. What you see mitsukai having done is showing you a search through google and the results are all the locations that your key has ended up.


  4. Hi Ethone,

    Welcome to MSFN. I think you will get any help you need but be sure to use the search function found at the top of the page and just right of center. :) (Learn to use that. It can be awkward without the correct search terms but it's good )


  5. If you watch, everything he works with is off the bottom of the deck. You pick a card and it doesn't matter which card you pick unless it is one of the two bottom cards and then his trick is messed up. The bottom card is the blue card and it is a 5 of spades. The nest card up is also a 5 of spades. Now watch the trick again and follow the original bottom of the deck. (notice how he fumbles a little bit when he is working with the cards when they are at the top of the deck? He is picking up 2 cards. The blue one that was at the bottom of the deck AND the card you selected. He quickly turns over both cards as if they were one card. ) The bottom of the deck, minus the blue card is now on the bottom again and which card does he show you as the new selection? That's right, the bottom card.


  6. I scored higher than I 'should' but that's because I am interested in a lot of things. I'm just not good at any particular one of them. The test actually covers a lot of territory and increased my geekiness score.

    I gave myself an extra point because there was a check box for something to do with Arthur C. Clarke and I didn't know the answer to that but I do know what the Clarke Belt is and how it got it's name. :P

    cluberti would have done better but he doesn't own a real lightsaber...........yet.


  7. :P There is a broom (buried under the garbage), she has fresh breath (Oral-B box) and ironed clothes, she rarely punctuates her sentences, she never uses the letters Q and Z and did all her coding at work, there is a fire extinguisher on the coffee table (she did have some concerns) and the person who can spot the bed wins a free nights stay in that apartment. I have never seen cigarette butts and ashes piled up so high before. Ick. Where is the tower? I'll bet the carpet is ruined.

    I had to clean up a filthy place before but it was nowhere near as bad as this.


  8. I can only see the situation from what you have described and nothing beyond that. From that point of view, I can only add more to the negative feelings. You said that she has a child and that the child is not the her husband's. What is she doing? 1)Married and fooling around (in the long run, what is going to make you so special?), 2) has a child but by an unknown father (what's the story behind that) 3) Not telling someone something can be just as much a lie as something spoken (If she will lie to you now, she will lie to you again)

    But I could be mistaken.


  9. Hi computerMan.

    You just got a lot of advise that I can not put a dollar value on but it is very valuable. All of it.

    Take a walk or a jog when your tics start. :) if not before.

    And my personal opinion is that any branch of the military is good.

    Read my first sentence again and then go and read what the others have said again. Priceless.


  10. I know mark is gonna love this one... :P


    I know that in an earlier post that you had mentioned you were going to use elastic 'like you have in your underwear' (or something so stated). What do you do to your underwear that requires you to have elastic like that? Never mind. I don't want to know.


    :) Mark

    P.S. That is pretty cool by the way. How you suspended your HDD's that is. It looks cool too with the front view. It would be nice to have a smoke colored plexi cover for it but that would spoil the airflow.

    I doubt you will ever know but it would be interesting to know if what you have done effects the longevity of your HDD's by having the elastic absorb vibrations coming in from the case or any other benefits or detriments. Not having housing to case contact doesn't seem to have harmed the heat dissipation much if at all.

  11. I didn't see it until I read nitroshift's reply. Closest I could find (just switch the smile for a frown):



    It was the third post down and I didn't notice the date. :}

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