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  1. The Installation background is located in the OS Directory\sources\background_cli.bmp.
  2. Hi All, I was wondering whether anyone has figured out how to customize the LiteTouchPE_x86, removing the need to select regional settings or even the MDT share credentials? I would really like to be able to but can't figure out how, I'm pretty certain that the setup runs from the scripts folder on the share, but can't make much sense of it.
  3. Thanks ricktendo64, I'd tryed the empty string value before with no success. I used Magic Jelly Bean's Keyfinder to retrieve a key from a 'no-product-key-entered' Win7, worked a treat, no longer interrupted by the prompt! Thanks
  4. Hi All, I am creating an unattended Windows 7 install using the AIK and deploying over MDT. Everything is working a great, except one thing, after it installs the OS image, it displays the "Type your Windows Product Key" windows, which will skip, but I have to skip it manually. I want this to skip unattended, because it pauses the process before installing software ect, meaning I can't leave builds running overnight. Using a VL key isn't an option, as the PCs get deployed to 60+ different customers, meaning I can't specify a key in the image. Any reply appreciated
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