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  1. Yeah, to an extent, cos frequency may have something to do with it, and so does the actual satellite's orbit... they're all a bit different... I used to work for a 2 way sat. provider, so I know the delay times. In general browsing its not really noticable, but kills gaming. Not a problem generally for downloads and stuff. It was awesome the first time I saw a 2MB link in the middle of a desert, running of a lappie and a generator :-) Cheers, PHB.
  2. Ummm... IIS open on port 80, visible to the world, without tuning, is a disaster waiting to happen... Check out microsofts site for urlscanner and install that, as a minimum. Even better, run their lockdown tool as this turns off most of the default crap that's on. Also, remove ALL of the default files/folders/mappings. The NSA site has a very good guide on securing IIS. Cheers, PHB.
  3. Most vendors have implemented parts of the TCP/IP protocol in unique ways. This enables sniffers - like nmap - to look for known characteristics, and make an educated guess as to the operating system being examined. Fastest, and easiest way to do this is www.netcraft.com Plug the target of interest into the "what is that server running" box, click go, and wait. Very accurate. Cheers, PHB.
  4. Put in a perimiter firewall to stop inbound attacks. As I just wrote in another post, ipcop is excellent, and free. Check out www.ipcop.org Put in a network version A/v. Have the server poll the vendor every 30 minutes, and get any updates. The systems are then configured to poll the server for updates every 40 minutes [or whatever] If you're serious, put firewalls on each pc too - using software firewall, like kerio or zonealarm or whatever. Get rid out Outlook, Outlook express and Internet Explorer, and, combined with the above, and you're pretty well covered. Also, consider putting in a SUS server, and automate windows update to that server. The only pain in the a** aspect to all of that is that the personal firewalls on the PCs will take some time to bed down.... Forgot to mention - run an a/v scanner over your emails as they're coming in - so if an email is infected, it doesn't get delivered. Cheers, PHB.
  5. Build one yourself out of old hardware; www.ipcop.org I've built and deployed about 20; its free, and brilliant. The new version [1.4] is in beta and has traffic shaping as well. Have run 100+ system network on a frame relay connection using a reclaimed PIII with a 10Gb hdd and 128MB RAM. [built from parts] My personal network of 8 systems is behind one with a K6-III/450 driving it, with 64MB ram and 4 GB hdd. Excellent. Cheers, PHB.
  6. The delay is from both. With one-way satellite the "click" you send is transmitted via the modem connection, and the results are routed back to you via the satellite. The satellite leg, on a good day, will have around 300ms delay each way -> this is because the satellite is about 26,000 K's away [roughly - depending on the satellite] As mentioned, bad weather can impact on this, as can excessive signal from other sources - being near a digital TV broadcast tower, for example, will kill a satellite connections. Wind, rain, etc, will do the same, but to a lesser extent. Areas with high temperature variation also get slower speeds on satellite usually. This isn't b/c of the temperature as such, but because the mounts that the dishes are on expand and contract minutely, taking the dish out of "ideal" alignment over time, and lowering the throughput. Also, keep in mind that satellites experience varying degrees of 'drift', so even if your dish is aligned 100%, the bird might have moved maringally. These movements are generally corrected for pretty rapidly though, and aren't a common problem. Your best test to find out would be to use traceroute to see where to lag is for the site your wanting to check out. This will tell you where the lag is. Also, check the connection speed on the modem - though, unless your uploading, this shouldn't have a significant impact as you're only sending clicks. Cheers, PHB.

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