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  1. I was able to solve the problem myself. Here is the code that works. {JSCRIPT}=if (isUserName("Rita")) RunCmd('cmd /c copy /y "%wpipath%Install\internet\Filezilla_stuff\RITAsitemanager.xml" "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\sitemanager.xml"',false,true)
  2. I need some help in using the isUserName((”Robert” ) test. Some of the lines of code may be wrapped.)I’m using WPI to upgrade Filzellia FTP program on my wife’s and my machines. I have the following 3 lines of code in WPI that work: {JSCRIPT}=if(isUserName("Robert")) {JSCRIPT}=alert("conditional Test message-the user is Robert") {JSCRIPT}=if(!isUserName("Rita")) {JSCRIPT}=alert("conditional Test message-user is not Rita") When the %USERNAME% =“Robert” {FILECOPY} "%wpipath%Install\internet\Filezilla_stuff\sitemanager.xml" "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\sitemanager.xml" These 2 lines f
  3. Hello all I'm attempting to write a template for creating installs for about 30 similar applications and would like to use the setEnvVar and getEnvVar functions. Because I need to have the text string used in multiple WPI cmd lines, I would like to use the setEnvVar to inset a folder name into an Env Variable. This would allow me to edit the name in one place. (Creating the env var was accomplish with {JSCRIPT}=setEnvVar("FoxFolderName","Fox001",true) I've checked the environment for this variable and value is there and correct. However when I attempt to put the getEnvVar() in to other
  4. Ver 8.4.0d seems to have fixed my problem. Additional question: when I first ran program after copying the 5 *.js files, I got a message that theme "Windows 7" wasn't there and the program was reverting to "Win7". I looked at my 8.2.2 version and found the "Windows 7" theme there, so copied it to the "themes" folder. All is well. Is Windows 7 going to be outdated? Thanks, Bob Miers
  5. Hi Using 8.2.2 on WIN7Ultimate64bit. I have 4 pages of items. When I go to the last page and attempt to select an item's checkbox, the screen immediately reverts to the prevous page. I notice that you are working on a new Beta, should I just wait for that? (I did check the other posts first.) Bob Miers
  6. Would it be an easy mod to permit 'click and drag' to highlight items in the ALT+G tab items... i.e. things within the Variable & JSCRIPTS. Likewise, in the command editing box. Bob Miers
  7. mritter: Thanks for your suggestion. It was quite helpful. After a bit of testing to get the syntax correct, I came up with this statement: {JSCRIPT}=if (!FolderExists("%ProgramFiles(x86)%\misc\")) RunCmd('cmd /c mkdir "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\misc\"',false,true) Now, if the folder doesn't exist, the command creates it and issues the "Success" message. If the folder does exist, the command also issues the "Success" message. Just what I wanted. I'm now off to creating the shortcuts... Once again, thanks. Bob Miers PS. During this process, I discovered another system variable... i.e. %ProgramFi
  8. I'm aware that FolderExists would return a False prior to the subdirectory being created and True if the subdirectory is there . However, if one were to use the negate function ("!") in front of FolderExists, then the final result should be True, so then the {MAKEDIR} should be executed. This a standard method in a variety of other languages.
  9. I think I screwed up and didn't post my last reply, so here goes again Thanks, I see what you are suggesting.... put each of my programs within its own subdirectory under my "misc" subdirectory (then the {MAKEDIR} command would always work without the "failed" message. Wouldn't that work with out the "/S" option,? To continue my education, can you please explain how one uses the "FolderExists" logical function. Bob Miers
  10. Thank you myselfidem for your reply. As usual, I failed to fully explain my problem. Your sample was helpful but doesn't address my problem, so I'll try once more to explain. I have multiple programs that I want to install into the SAME subdirectory. The Command code is quite similar - only the program name is different. The 1st install goes well without any "failed" messages. However, WPI issues a "failed" notification on the when the second (or later) {MAKEDIR} command is executed. What I want to accomplish is to use the FolderExists function to test if the target subdirectory already ex
  11. Testing if Folder Exists code Please forgive me for asking such a simple question. I've started using WPI a couple of months ago. I think that it is a great program that really saves a lot of time. I have several freeware programs that don't have a normal install method – they are standalone EXE's. I normally create a subdirectory in the Program Files/Program Files (x86) subdirectories. I then place the programs there and create a shortcut to them. Creating the subdirectory, putting the programs there and creating the deskop shortcuts is easily accomplished via WPI. My desire is
  12. This may not be of any help, but.... 1st. credit where credit is due. JohnC was helpful to me 2nd. I was having the same problem as the OP. My problem turned out to be the setup I had in my BIOS. I have 5 drives on my system and had 4 set (in sequence) as boot drives. I was attempting to install onto the 2nd SATA drive. Once I changed that drive to the 1st boot drive and disabled all of the other drives from being boot drives, the install worked. However, as John explained, I didn't get the SATA drivers to install, my installation reverted back to the MS default drivers. bobmiers
  13. Fellows This will be a quick response as my wife and I are going to be gone today and will be leaving within the hour. Tomorrow I will write a full report and will try to be specific. Fernando: No I'm not using RAID. John: I also found the ECS site(s) to be extremely slow. I left the clock.avi removal as defaulted in nLite ie. to be removed and once again I do not get the error - a real weird condition. I only got the BSOD after the 1st reboot during the installation process ie. when the 1st Windows logo with the "please wait" should appear. More later, Bob Miers
  14. Well fellows: I got it to work. Turned the hard drive boot sequence to "disabled" for all drives except the 120gig drive. I then put the my orginal SP2 disk in and it went completely through the process.... there was no NLDVR subdirectory - which I expected. Then rebooted with the nLite CD in the drive and it also went all the way through and there was a NLDVR subdirectory with 7 subdirectories. The CD that I used may not be the one that I sent the *.ini for.... this one had the NIC drivers and some of the network setup on it.... all worked. Then I rebooted once more and re-activated and ch
  15. I also don't understand why the folders are numbered 015-021 (only 7, BTW) either. I think what nLite does is, using the .inf file you point to, copies all the referenced files so that when the .inf is executed by Windows, the files will be available. For me, I would like to see the link to the driver DL site of the main board you are using. I would also like to see the information on SATA to PATA adapter you are using and the link to the driver DL site, if there is one. NLite has the clock.avi in the [Delete Box] of the Advanced-Components Task. I do not know why it is there but it has n
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