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  1. open a gmail account

    yeah yeah! I sent the invitation already! :-)
  2. open a gmail account

    I sent you a pm....
  3. Nope! This is a wireless device - WiFi. That is not Bluetooth device. No connection is possible to bluetooth devices through that device. Sorry...
  4. [Question] - $hf_mig$ folders - remove them?

    I deleted it manually, and I didn't encounter any problems afterwards... so I think you can remove without any problem.
  5. Nice list! More than 8000+ ??? even the spywareblaster only protect from 4000+ - 5000+ Many thanks! :-) Regards.
  6. Audigy 1 Drivers?

    the kx drivers is not available for x64 edition yet! download the LATEST preview creative driver....that should do that, I'm also using that one. and after I installed I've got a message: "you can use this driver until 16th of august" :-) Best Regards
  7. Windows 2003: bug with default security settings?

    HaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHaHAHAHAAHAHAHaH!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ! :-D :-D :-D
  8. Antivirus for LH4074

    yeah avg6 free edition and symantec antivirus 8.1 & 9 CORPORATE
  9. Win XP or Server 2003

    prathapml wrote: "As far as stability/security go, the release of SP2 should put XP on par/better than svr2k3." yeah thats right for 3-4 months!!! but this year they will release SP1 for Server 2003 and it is the same as xp sp2 or better!!!