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  1. yeah same codec pack, also using x64 codec pack. you get no thumbnail for mpg or mpeg? Cause I get thumb on mpg but not on mpeg
  2. I have media metadata handler, it's not removed. I also seems to not have divx thumbnails, but I have xvid. Strange. I do have both codec installed. Something is weird, specially for those mpeg from windows dreamscene.
  3. I'm not sure, I'll reinstall vlite and check if I remove it by mistake. I bet that if I did, I can't simply take it from a vista cd that have it and put it into my pc, right?
  4. Hello, I just did a vlite iso using 1.2 final and I lost my mpg thumbnail. Even in the dreamscene, there's no thumbnail. I've installed couple of codec to check if that would make it working. So far, only thing that work is every other video (including mpeg) but mpg still refuse to display any thumbnail. Any one have an idea? I've tried already registry fix and it doesn't works. Thanks
  5. Hello, I would like to know if anyone know how to make it work? What I mean is that I just installed some games and the games explorer stayed empty, not very good when your games doesn't create start menu item! Thanks
  6. ok, I found the problem. The "apply" button get enable if I click on "integration" in the task list but if I only slipstream, it doesn't
  7. Hello, I've just tryed to slipstream sp1 in vista x64 ultimate. It worked, it' says finished but then, the "apply" button isn't enable so I cannot rebuild the .vim to make it smaller (thus making the file 5.1gig). Is there something I forgot? Thanks
  8. Add the file kbdest.dll to the list. I just did a sysprep.inf with the file list above (I had some not exist in my xp sp2) and it requested kbdest.dll
  9. Hello everyone! I have a little problem right now. I have to make a boot disk that can boot over network. Now I've seen many way to create bootable cd or floppy but my problem reside in the space I have to put drivers. I need more then 2.8 megs for my drivers because my cd will boot more then 10 differents NIC. So I'm looking for a way to be able to load those driver (the only way I know is in config.sys using device=). The other problem I have regarding this is if there's a way to make it choose the right driver for the card. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, I'll try that for reiser fs. Now I need to find something that support ntfs 5.1 (this one is said to stop at xp so it doesn't support vista nor 2k3 server)
  11. Hello everyone, I'm having a little concern. Since Partition Magic was bought by Symantec, no more development was made (or it's really hidden cause I didn't heard of any replacement or new version of partition magic since). Now, that cause me a problem because Partition Magic doesn't support Reiser FS and NTFS 5.1 (windows server 2k3). I'm then looking for liable program (not experimental, those are crucial server data I need to transfer) or more that can copy, move, resize, delete (well, play with partition like and even more then partition magic do) but with reiser fs and/or NTFS 5.1. Thanks a lot!
  12. In the original computer, yes those profile existe, else I won't talk about them. In the one ghosted that have those problem, no if you login as someone else, the profile aren't here in system properties but once you login, this is when it create a new one (well, double it) and see it in double, triple, quad (depending how much time that happen). If I ghost one that is like that and deploy again, it will triple, etc...
  13. Hello everyone, I'm having a little problem. Where I work, we are using norton ghost 8.0 with norton console to create image and deploy station. I have several image depending on which lab I ghost. But some labs, after beeing ghosted, "f***" the user profile. What I mean is in the basis, I have this in doc&settings: (french windows) - Administrateur - B3300 (that's the lab number, we create 1 user with the lab number) and the system user profil (default user, network...) Then, I create an image and ghost it over the other 30 platform (with a ssid change using ghostwalker like every other lab). Now, when I login in administrateur or B3300, it does this: - Administrateur.B3300-XX (well, Administrateur.computername) instead of login in with the administrateur profile. It does the samething with any already existing profile. What's weird is that I don't have that problem in all lab and they all run the same windows. It also says to windows that now, I have 2 administrateur profile but if I delete one in windows, it remove the other also (not the folder, only the profile in system properties). If I relog again, it will recreate a new Administrateur.computername. I've put some picture to show that. Now, I would like to know what is causing this and how to solve this. Thanks
  14. Fixed it myself. I cleaned up the code and put some comments, but it's in french (sorry, for a french environnement) '######################################################################################## '# # '# Script: Map Drive Depot Public # '# Auteur: Jean-Sébastien Frenette # '# Système: Active Directory # '# Description: Va chercher le full name sur AD de l'usagé connecté et map # '# Depot sur "x:" et Public sur "w:" # '######################################################################################## 'On crée les connections vers le système Set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo") Set objNetwork = CreateObject("Wscript.Network") 'On va chercher le fullpath du user connecté objUsername = objSysInfo.UserName 'On enlève le \ devant la , objUserName = replace(objUsername,"\","") 'On enlève le CN= objUserName = replace(objUsername,"CN=","") 'On split en 3 partit, lastname/firstname/lereste strUsername = split(objUsername,",",3) 'On set les noms des mappings 'Trim est TRÈS IMPORTANT, sinon le mapping marche pas (caractère non imprimable donc invisble) strPublic = "\\srvfich1\Public\" + trim(strUsername(0)) + ", " + trim(strUsername(1)) strDepot = "\\srvfich1\Depot\" + trim(strUsername(0)) + ", " + trim(strUsername(1)) 'On map les drives objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "w:", strPublic objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "x:", strDepot
  15. Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I'm working in a 2000/xp environnement with a windows 2003 server running Active Directory. Now when user logon, there home directory automaticly map to Z. But I have 2 more drive to map so I made a little script for that: Set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo") Set objNetwork = CreateObject("Wscript.Network") objUsername = objSysInfo.UserName objUserName = replace(objUsername,"\","") objUserName = replace(objUsername,"CN=","") strUsername = split(objUsername,",",3) strUser = strUsername(0) + ", " + strUsername(1) Wscript.Echo strUser strPublic = "\\srvfich1\Public\" + strUser strDepot = "\\srvfich1\Depot\" + strUser Wscript.echo strPublic Wscript.echo strDepot objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "w:", strPublic objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "x:", strDepot While it work fine, the problem I have is that most of users have spaces in the drive to map (like \\srvfich1\Public\Raoul, Alfonse). because of the space, it then try to map "\\srvfich1\Public\Raoul,". Do you have any way arround this? I can't rename the folder so it have to map to this name. Thanks
  16. Hello everyone, I have a little question for you. I'm looking for a way to do file caching on my server. What I mean is that I download often updates from windows update to different pc, thus resulting in downloading the same file over and over. I know they exist in distribution package specially design for that but I don't feel like downloading all installation package and running them over and over (you know how much update there is). I'm aware of the bundle package some people did on the internet, I used them for my windows cd but mostly all in english and since I install both french and english... At my work, I know they does that. We cache all file downloaded from microsoft.com so when we update another computer, the update is downloaded from the internal server and not from microsoft again. I know there is squid proxy server and apache internal proxy server, but as I remember, it's caching of webpage, ftp, rss and newsgroups, not file itself. So if anyone have a good one file caching program that I can put on my linux server (running gentoo 2.6). Also, I might install a web proxy as well, but it make a decade I've used such a proxy. Last time, it wasn't working very well (change web page, click reload and web page didn't change because proxy wasn't refreshing). If you know of a good one, thanks for sharing
  17. built-in NTFS disk quotas like in win xp
  18. If someone have an idea to what to check when this happen, next time I got that prob, I'll check that
  19. As far as I know, it's only in windows (since I don't use enter or esc key before windows). For the fresh installation, like I said, it already happen on a windows installation reboot (once at the welcome screen on the first boot when it ask for registration, activation and create a new user, the other time it happen where I enter the cd-key). This is strange though because that's new since about... what 3-4 months at most. It's like if it was a windows update that do that.
  20. it happen on multiple pc with different configuration and different keyboard. Its random meaning that it appear on boot-up. My isp have nothing to do in that, Im talking about my enter and escape key not working anywhere in windows like if the keyboard wasnt sending the input (in game, run command, everywhere). I have a computer with 3 keyboard on it and all 3 get the same problem at the sametime when it happen. Its like stupid firefox that (like right now) sometime refuse me to do a ' (it start a search instead of typing it, but now always! like for the arrow key that instead of moving the cursor in the adress bar, it move the page; but that's a firefox problem). All keyboard are wired, some are PS2, others are USB. For the profile thing and everything, it as nothing to do with that since it happen on windows boot. I can't use ESC or ENTER key (except the one from keypad) to logon. I though about the drivers but since it's different type of keyboard (there is 1 G15, 1 logitech USB combo with mx mouse, 1 microsoft standard, 1 microsoft multimedia, 1 saitek I...), it got nothing to do with it. It's not from a recently installed application since I just have to restart and it works. I've checked for virus or spyware since it's mostly the only thing (hey, ' work now in firefox... when I say random bug) I could see that randomly change stuff, but nothing to be found. and like I said, it happen while a windows installation so it wasn't a newly installed program. Thanks for trying though
  21. Hello everyone, I have a little problem. Sometime (like right now), when I boot up my computer, it refuse to execute enter and escape key. What I mean is for exemple, you go in firefox, enter a search in google and press enter. Nothing happen. You type something into run command and press enter, doesn't do anything. You press escape to shutdown the run prompt, does nothing. In those time, either I say to myself "ok, I'll use the enter key on keypad since this one work" or I need to restart. Anyone know what the hell is doing that? It's very anoying. It's not a virus or spyware or keylogger since i've checked for that already and it appears randomly. It even happened after a reboot while formating! Thanks for helping!
  22. Hi again, I have a little problem with disk quotas. The thing is that I need to set it to groups but I can't find a way to do it. I though of setting it by the default quotas but since it change from group to group on same disk, not working fine. Anyone know a way to do it? Thanks
  23. Hello everyone, I got a little problem. We just moved from novell to Active Directory and now I need to set permission on home folder for users (more then a 1000). I found cacls and xcacls way to do that via script file, but they only set basic permission and I need to set advance permission for user on domain. So I'm looking for a way to do so. Thanks a lot!
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    heyhey, you forgot to update your readme.txt so it's including that new feature

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