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  1. Hi everyone. I got a tricky question: Can i use parts of a filename in a field with MS Word? Lets say i got this file located at: c:\examplefolder\12345 Projectname\template.doc This is what i want to do: extract the projectnumber: "12345" and "Projectname" to two separate fields for later use. I can get the whole filename, with path if i use the "FileName"-field, but can i edit or split the data (maybe fields within a field) without a macro? Since we always use the same structure, it would be possible to extract the data with maybe a "Template"-field? /cheers, KlingKlang
  2. Hey Jaclaz! If someone still has problem with failing drives and need a serial-to-TTL i found this little puppy! This would have saved me some cash at least. It seems like that the regular Usb-to-RS232 (serial) is at first TTL and then converted to serial signals with the Max213. By solder some wires to these tiny tiny pins, you can get the TTL-signal before converted. Hacking the Usb-to-serial is here: http://yd0nxx.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/hacking-usb-serial-adapter/ Datasheet for the Max213 is here: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/228755/MAXIM/MAX213ECAI.html This is for th
  3. But how should i do the repair in windows, if i can't access windows? Live-CD like Hiren's boot cd? I have so many programs, which take several hours to install, so if i can avoid it i would be great. I didn´t know that i wasn't allowed to use same OS on two computer at a time. But i won't buy another Windows 7 if it doesn't work, so i need to verify it first.
  4. So, one of my laptops crashed some weeks. Since i always does backups and Ghosts of my computer regularly, restoring the crashed computer isn't normally a problem until now. Because i didn't want to buy yet a new laptop which becomes outdated quick, i decided to buy a stationary one. The problem is this: When i restore my ghost to my new hard drive, the computer won't boot since all hardware configuration is for my laptop. The computer boots to the windows logo screen and then BSOD and reboot. What i want to do: Install windows 7 on top of the non-working windows 7 to re-write the hardware con
  5. No. I my case my Internet provider, provided me with their own adsl-modem with their own custom firmware which updates regularly. Removing it would probably cause me some trouble. So, in my case the main router (adsl-modem) is basically untouched and the Acess Point is replaced with custom firmware (dd-wrt). In order to make it work, i had some problems on the way but after a little "trial and error" i got it to work. The WPA-PSK must be the same AFAIK and you have to add a bridge in "Setup->networking"-tab. In "Basic->Setup" you have to enter your local router ip (in this case i have
  6. Yes, that is possible. I noticed that this is an old thread, but i post an replay anyway, in case somebody else want to do this. By upgrading the firmware (if possible) in the router, you can turn the $30 router in to a $300 router. I installed the "dd-wrt" firmware in my Netgear wg602v3 (check before you buy a router/switch so they are supported by the open firmware of you selection) and removed the custom firmware installed by Viasat (a satellite company). After installation of the firmware, i could choose many different options where one of them was "wireless bridge" which gives me an extra
  7. The reason for more than one database is based on that every CV-database has it own build. The different "Human resource"-company got their own system. So, what i want to to, i want to create an database that is completely based on cells, for example CV-database "cv1" stores their year-data like this "20121127" where my database store it like this "20" "12" "11" "27". Upon export to "cv1", my database combines the cells to achieve the same format as "cv1" got. So, the where the CV-database "cv2" has the same format as mine, the data would just be copied from my database to CV-database "cv2".
  8. Hi everyone. I got a idea which i could turn in to something useful, however i need to clearly understand how databases work. There is no illegal purpose with this. My question is the following: If i make a database on my own server (for example MySQL) can i the export the data in my database to another database, whom i have an account in? My idea is the following: every time your become unemployed (which i am at the time being) you have to create or update several CV-databases so they have the accurate information about your previous jobs and what kind of job you want to search. I thinking o
  9. Has it happened that a "fixed" harddrive crashed again? I belive that my Seagate 7200.11 st31000340AS has done so. It seems like it´s locked in 0mb mode, because it is visible in windows but not recognized by controller or windows, size is 0mb. This harddrive is updated to SD1A firmware. Edit: My drive didn´t crash again, it was just and configuration error. So, as far as i know, the disks are fine after updating the firmware.
  10. To worros: Do a pinout check or use the search function. This topic has been covered several times before. Check the last 10 pages for a answer. To Thegrabluefish: What drivers are you using? Are the cable detected when you insert it to the usb-host? Your link to the picture doesn´t work btw, at least not for me.
  11. To Twittwilly: You´re receiving a lot of "junk" characters? Check you settings, i guess you already got them set to: 38400-n-1 Flowcontrol: none. I think you should reconnect the yellow cable again, it seems like you almost got it.
  12. To Twittwilly: Uhmm.. Ok, my bad! I was confused from your previous posts, sorry. Have you tried to connect GND to the harddrive as well? I recall having issues getting communication from the harddrive until i connected Gnd. However, i did get response from it, but just barely.. (I think i got an arrow pointing right). Connecting Gnd solved it, there is apparently two gnd, power gnd and data gnd. I connected power gnd, Black in my case but other has reported that they have used data gnd (yellow) successfully. To Pets: Do you have to upgrade it, is it affected by the bug?
  13. To Twittwilly: I´m a bit puzzled here, how did you do the loopback test, if you can´t connect in Hyperterminal? If you can config COM3, you should be able to configure Hyperterminal to access Com3, or am i missing something? What can you see in "device manager" in windows?
  14. To twittwilly: You have definitely a original cable. Have you tried the attached link? I´m pretty sure that i used this driver. Don´t forget to remove the "Nokia connectivity suite"! I assue based on you previous postings, that you have got the cable to work with external power... I´ll check back within a hour... Good luck!
  15. To Twittwilly: What cable are you using? "Made in Thailand" (original) or "Made in china" (generic)? Considering the original cable, i found a old version of the driver that didn´t install any phone manager. Search nokias homepage for drivers to the cable if you´re using the original one. I can repost my drivers if i can find it again, however, start to look for it yourself, there is no guarantee that i find my driver. Edit: I was using this driver i think: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-so...53-ca-70-ca-101
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