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  1. Return To Castle Wolfenstein

    Checkout this for easy fps monitoring, any game: http://www.fraps.com/download.htm or if you insist, the command in RTCW is: cg_draw FPS 1 (default = 0) Edit the Wolfconfig.cfg file if you want.
  2. 60Hz when i gameing!!!

    This article explains the problem & the FIX. Check out: http://www.warp2search.net/article.php?sid...order=0&thold=0
  3. Memory Tweaking

    Using 512 MB RDRAM memory. In the XP dialog settings, the "no paging file" is selected. Do I still need to apply the DisablePagingExecutive reg tweak? Thanks
  4. New XP drivers for Matrox Millenium 400G

    The latest W2K drivers, 5.71.014, posted on the Matrox website work ok for WinXP. I'm running XP2600Corp + G400Max + 5.71 drivers & all is well. Some gamers report higher frame rates with the older 5.52.010 version. Here you go: http://www.matrox.com/mga/drivers/latest_drivers/home.htm The dedicated Matrox drivers for XP probably won't appear before XP is officially released (10/25/01). Also, check out: http://www.matroxusers.com/ Isn't this new XP Forum COOL!
  5. What Defragmenter do you all use?

    Back when using W2K, I switched to DK from Norton. All through the various incarnations of XP, up to now XPcorp, DK is still my favorite. Very fast in general & you're not locked into useless unnecessary settings, like with Norton. The Paging file & MFT frag guard can be configured at will & used when you want. Depending on your system setup, you need control over this function, for optimum performance. By the way, I only use NTFS partitioned Disks.