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  1. Weird IE Paste Bug

    is there any way to get more information about these bugs? or to reproduce them? hopefully IE9 will solve all current IE issues, maybe.
  2. Lost partition with value data

    so, was there any luck? are you files recovered? this might be obvious but what about trying a program like recuva? is it posible that could recover the lost files?
  3. XP won't boot after SP3?

    strange, ive heard of this before. searching google i get these links (try at your own risk) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950249 (try method 4, you need an XP cd) http://www.techsupportforum.com/microsoft-...p3-install.html what are you computer specs?
  4. Adobe Flash Player secrets?

    thanks for the info, maybe ccleaner devs might add this in the future, who knows. anyone know how adobe flash detects if new updates are available and prompts the user? there is an option to disable it using the "settings manager" linked above. "Flash Player never runs in the background to perform the auto-update check. The check is only performed when the player is loaded to view Flash content, typically in the browser, and by default only occurs if it has been at least 30 days since the last time it checked for updates" http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/167/16701594.html so then how exactly does it check at logon?
  5. check this out, what do you think? http://www.macromedia.com/support/document..._manager07.html apprently it keeps a list of any website you visited that maybe had flash content on it, thing is ccleaner doesnt seem to remove it either and i have no idea where its stored? also it seems adobe somehow aks to auto-update every 30 days, again i have no idea how since since its not set running or there is no auto-update service. i discovered this just after i logged on and adobe flash player was asking me to update, how is that possible when no programs were loaded that even use it ?
  6. wow awesome just saw this now! did anyone find a huge list of malware for download yet? im surprised there isnt a "collection" out there.... and when you have infected your pc with all this malware, are there any programs that can remove it in an automatic fashion without locking up and giving 9000 pop-ups for the user to decide what action to take?
  7. Nice speed........

    good to see. what is your bandwidth capped at? its just slightly strange to see a 30Mb+ download and not even 1Mb+ upload speed. does win7 really need tweaking to the "max" to utilise the full potential of a 30mb connection?
  8. i believe kaspersky internet secuirty has this ability, i think it can download updates to a folder which the other two programs can be set to update from over lan. plus its one of the best internet security programs.
  9. Weird IE Paste Bug

    I wonder if there is some software that can act as a clipboard replacement, like teracopy can replace explorer for copying files? and maybe that may prevent this issue, or atleast give more information about it.
  10. Weird IE Paste Bug

    hmm i guess if it happens in 98 and XP that narrows it down somewhat, if it can be ruled out from vista and 7. so whats the difference between IE7 in xp and vista/7? and it also occurs in IE6? hmm strange. dont think its possible to use IE6 in vista/7 right? or dont think anybody does.
  11. Weird IE Paste Bug

    That does appear to be a cause, although im not quite sure this is the actual "bug" since re-pasting a multi-line snippet never gives you the proper text, however im quite certain that the original text/url can be re-pasted properly after a few tries (without re-copying?) additonal info: after performing some tests i have found that straight after pasting the data into the search box, the text becomes "larger" and bold, sort of like a "flash" before it dissapears, re-pasting then works as normal.
  12. Weird IE Paste Bug

    Hi dencorso, here are the details about the bug as i encouter it: im using XP Pro sp3 with Ie7 i think it used to happen on xp home sp2 as well. Basically, after copying any text, usually URLs from IE to IE and then pasting into the search box (mostly) nothing would appear, and sometimes after re-pasting nothing happens either, or strangely the previous searched text appears again. i've never payed much attention to it, like other minor bugs in software that can be ignored. the only "fix" i have found is to "select" whatever is in the addresss bar/search box and delete it then paste again eventually it works.
  13. Awesome. that is quite brilliant, thank you again
  14. yes you are right, in my attachment i have provided 2 files that dont work properly with the script, i think this is because of common "fragment" issues, something like that, however the bat works properly since its a line by line comparison although takes a year. anyway its not a huge deal. thanks again.
  15. sorry again, i spoke too soon, further testing shows it infact only works for some text file pairs as the one i posted above (which i was using to test the scripts) I was unable to complete the script by myself, no idea why it doesnt work for any two text files..(i think its because of how InStr works when used in that script, it doesnt seem to care for "lines") but i was thinking of a different approach, something like comparing each line from "2.txt" to every single line one at a time in "1.txt", it could be a better way? although maybe slower. After more experimentation i figured the line by line approach could be done through batch script, im no pro but it resulted in this amazingly bad (but working) batch file, or so i think, anyway i created two special small text files to test this, as it takes a long time on large files, but works quick for a few lines.. here is the bat code, feel free to laugh this time. setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set var=1 for /f "delims=" %%S in (2.txt) do ((for /f "delims=" %%G in (1.txt) do (if !var!==1 (If "%%S"=="%%G" (set var=0) ELSE (If "%%G"=="END" echo %%S>>diff.txt)))) && set var=1) It's a bit of a hack since the string "END" must be at the end of each text file for the batch to know its the "END" lol translation to VBscript or Jscript help would be appreciated (if its possible in Jscript, anything thats faster lol i dont mind) files attached in zip archive include, the bat file, the vbs script, both text files and the expected results to compare. SuperBat.zip