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  1. http://download.driverguide.com/driver/C-Media+USB+Audio+Device/C-Media/d385807.html Thank you Jake! A manual install under the Add New Hardware Wizard (using the ME driver folder supplied in the above download) worked, and it now appears under the Device Manager and is functional. The software interface in the above download wouldn't install because it couldn't recognize the device and kept asking me to plug it in, but I don't need the software anyway and wouldn't use it. I now have sound functional (everything is now working!) on this 98SE setup: Asus motherboard P5GZ-MX (2006 - unsupported by 98SE) D-Link Airlink Wireless PCI card (2005 - supported) Intel Integrated Graphics (unsupported by 98SE - using generic driver referenced on this board) 512 MB RAM (2006) New 120 GB IDE HDD as master Yamaha CDRW (1999) as slave New Acer 17" LCD New 6 channel USB External Audio Card (supported) B)
  2. This POS does not install on my other dedicated Win98SE desktop either without proper device drivers, which I have still not been able to find after several hours of searching. The Creative Sound Blaster Extigy USB External Audio Device looks to be what I should have purchased. They are available secondhand on Ebay Australia. If you are able to assist me with A- locating substitute drivers for the CM106-based USB Audio Device or B- you have a Extigy running under 98SE please share your experiences. Based on at least one internet review, the Extigy definitely works under WinME BTW.
  3. I purchased a Skymaster External USB Sound card with six channels yesterday. The supporting documentation states that the device supports 98SE & ME (along with 2000,XP,Mac OS 9.1) otherwise I would not have chosen it. The device came with a CD-ROM which has NO drivers for 98SE & ME at all. It only comes with drivers for XP & Vista, talk about misleading packaging! Attempt 1: 98SE installs it with its own Windows drivers and recognizes it as a 'USB Audio Device', but it doesn't function at all. It doesn't show up on the taskbar like it should and I can't see any trace of it under the Device Manager. Attempt 2: Using Kernelex I installed the XP setup into 98SE and as expected, it got 90% way through the installation but failed. So the XP drivers are not suitable. I have installed this onto my XP SP2 laptop and it works, but I didn't buy it for this machine, I want it to work on my primary desktop, ASUS Motherboard P5GZ-MX, ~500 MB RAM, ~3 GHz, ATI Radeon 9200, 160 GB WD IDE (formatted to utilitize 120 GB only). This machine exclusively runs 98SE. XP tells me the following specifications about this USB sound device: Audio controller: Intel 82801DB/DBM USB Host controller 24c2 3d audio engine: Xear 3d CRL3d DS3d EAX2.0 A3d1.0 Audio driver version: (library 76.2) My on board sound (Intel HD) is unsupported so if I can't get this to work I have no sound device. Inserting a PCI soundcard instead is not an option (so simple, I wish it were!) because this motherboard only has two PCI slots and one PCI Express and both PCI slots are full. I should note that this Asus motherboard is extremely irritating (in terms of poor expansion options, only single IDE controller, no AGP and no official 98SE support) but I received it free, that's why I am using it. Any assistance in getting this External USB sound card working (presumably there exists a valid 98SE driver out there) would be greatly appreciated... Update: I pulled this apart (carefully) and the chip inside is the CM106-L, a High Integrated USB Audio I/O Controller. It uses C-Media drivers and software. Datasheet for this chip is freely available, see: http://www.datasheetpro.com/664301_download_CM106_datasheet.html
  4. Unfortunately, I have had the same experience with Telstra's Next G ZTE MF626 USB modem. The USB flash drive part of the device installs fine but 98SE cannot recognize the 3G modem part of the device. The installation software (Telstra Connection Manager) installs fine, with or without Kernel Ex. Support only provides specific drivers for Windows 7.
  5. Are you running KEx4 RC2? Also, do note that only the firefox / netscape version will work. The ActiveX version will not (flashplayer_10_ax.exe or something to that effect). WHat I find also worked (might be in this case) was changing the OS version in the other reg path too. The one on the second post indicates: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] Instead, using regedit, navigate to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] .. and change the key 'VersionNumber' to something like 5.10.2222, making sure to keep note what your version said before changes so as to set it back to the correct one after install. Many many thanks, I can now listen to on-line streaming of a DAB Plus station which (regrettably) required the newest version of Flash. This worked perfectly. We owe you guys a huge debt! I was unaware Kernel Ex or even this forum existed. Adobe Flash 10 Plug in (for browsers other than IE) Opera 9.64 Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222A
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