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  1. If you to read with the proper attention, will see that it is _nltide_1, _nltide_3, etc. and not ' nLide, nLite, or what '. Where it is? Intelligence is enough a little to realize that it would be it 'was', because I deleted. If you to install your Windows with DVD done by the nLite and after the installation accesses the Spybot as I described, you are going to realize where it is. Which the problem of being hidden? The problem is the suspicion of being one or not a spyware. But if you took offence so much, must be an author (s) of the nLite or you needs exchange the degree of your glasses (or of your mind)...
  2. A strange apparition originating from the nLIte 1. With the nLite, I mounted my XP-SP3: several Add-ons, integration of drivers, etc. 2. I produced the correspondent *.iso and I burnt normally in DVD. 3. I installed the Windows XP-SP3 normally. Completely right, completely well, perfect! 4. However, when I examined my PC through the Spybot - Search & Destroy> Tools> System Startup (look screen, below) I saw what were appearing several lines with a so-called archive " _nltide_ * " (in line spaces marked in I red in the screen, which I deleted) with other archives of setup. 5. These lines are not detected by the MSConfig, by the GD-Wintools.net, jv16 PowerTools, CCleaner or any other software what I have already used. I found very strangely such lines, hidden, since it should go away in order that nobody detects them. I ask: 1. Can anybody inform me what the reason of the nLite is to introduce archives in the setup, hidden, unless almost it detects no program? 2. Which archives are this " _nltide_ * "? (_nltide_1, _nltide_3, ect.) 3. What they do? 4. Why do they serve? 5. Because they had to be there? At last, the nLite had already been a usefulness and was not more necessary... I thank for any explanation ... (excuse my bad English)
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