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  1. I do it this way. I get all the files and registry entries from the manifest files so i only need this define a component. var c = new Component2(@"Calculator", Accessories, false) { CheckFs = (image, wim) => wim.FileExists(Path.Combine(System32, "calc.exe")), ComponentNames = new List<string> { @"x86_microsoft-windows-calc", @"amd64_microsoft-windows-calc", @"x86_microsoft-windows-calc.resources", @"amd64_microsoft-windows-calc.resources" } };
  2. Hi ben, i finally tried your tool. The first thing i noticed is that loading the image is very slow. I think that loading the information from the image can be done alot faster maybe you can look at this.
  3. I'am still working on this tool. The next version will be released 1-2 weeks after the .Net Framework 4 goes RTM.
  4. To reduce the installed size you can try to apply the image from the install.wim to a Vhd and boot from it. Thanks to Ntfs-Hardlinks a unchanged HomeBasic x64 install needs just ~6,78GB.
  5. Next Version comes in a few Weeks or so. I'am very busy with other things in the moment.
  6. @alex a: i check this b: the ExitCode = -2146498555 can be ignored. It means that the package does not exist in the image. This happens then a Package also removes others.
  7. Thats becase enabling the WCF-HTTP-Activation Feature fails. I have the same Problem with some other Features. I think it's a Dism issue.
  8. Thanks for the feedback the Servicing Baseline Packages are no longer shown. Fixed the preset bug in i hope so. New Version first post updated. If you get a Cannot Mount Image Error try in the new MenuItem Tools->Clenup Image Mounts and then try it again.
  9. To add all drivers from a folder you can type inf in the searchbox of the openfiledialog. Fixed in Version Can you try enable features on and off again? Maybe in Version 1.0.3X @all New Version first post updated.
  10. Next Version will show the Packages in a TreeView so you can see all the parent - child relations.
  11. When did you get this error? I can send you a *.resx file to translate. I started the Project in May 2009 and i never counted hours. I think it's a better waste of time as playing COD, WOW or.........
  12. Windows Features on and off should work after removing.
  13. Some Packages have Child Packages if you remove the Parent all the children will be Removed. I have to fix the Parent<->Child detection Code. The dism.exe keeps all the Files in WinSxS and many Registry entries but it will be posible to remove them using Win Integrator in the Feature. This needs alot of work and testing or it will break Update or ServicePack Installation like vLite did.
  14. I'am programming this tool in C#4 and .Net4 because i like really like some of the new Features(Parallel Computing....) and Impovements. What's New in the .NET Framework 4
  15. New Topic stefanRTR's Win Integrator
  16. Hi, i'am working on something. Old Topic by Intelmaster Features: • Bootable Iso Image Creation • Image Rebuilding with a Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Image • Driver Integration including Bootcritical-Option if you need a Driver to Install Windows • Package Integration (Updates, LocalPacks and LanguagePacks) • Package Removing • Preset Creation • Windows Feature Enabling and Disabling with a Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 Image • Package Integration (Updates and LanguagePacks) • ServicePack 2 Integration into a original MS DVD or Image with SP1 Supported Operating Systems: • Windows Vista SP1 • Windows Server 2008 family • Windows 7 family • Windows Server 2008 R2 family Software Requirements: • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile Beta 2 Important! You must reboot you Computer after installing the Framework or the Win Integrator Setup will fail. and for Vista and Server 2008 • Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7 or Windows® OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) for Windows® 7 Version History: Version Beta: • Added: New Tool "Cleanup Image Mounts". If you get an Cannot Mount Image Error try this. • Small Fixes Version Beta: • Fixed: Some Packages have been listed twice in presets and have been removed twice from the Image. • Fixed: If a Packages has children only the parent has to be removed the children will be removed automatically. Version Beta: • Fixed: Some Updates have been listed twice in the RemovePackages TreeView • Fixed: Error 50 then Enabling IIS FtpServer Version Beta: • Changed: The Packages to Remove are now showed in a TreeView and i started to sort them into Categories(Drivers, Multimedia...) • Fixed: Error 50 then Enabling some Features. • Fixed: Error 50 then Integrating some Updates into Vista. • Small Fixes and Changes. Version Beta: • Small Fixes. Version Beta: • New Feature: Enable and Disable Windows-Features Download <Note added on Sep 25, 2012: link is dead, of course, after so long, but will remain here for the sake of history>
  17. can you give me more details?
  18. cab files are working here, can you post the logfile
  19. can you try to install http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971644 for vista before i got this error on vista sp2 32bit

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