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  1. well i did Google earth then looked at google map of my friends house. Google earth tells me at the bottom the satalite is from 2004. Earth tells me nothing except i see it is the same exact map with cars in the same exact location. They also painted their mailbox 2 years ago to zebra stripes, google earth and google maps both have their mailbox unpainted. So i assumed it was safe that both satalite images are the same. Also the horses in the pasture are standing in the same spot
  2. The maps in my area are from 2004, but the software is copyrighted at 2009
  3. i am looking for the same i have been through the guide thats how i am this far. The Unattended Guide does not tell you where to put your program installer files to get WinXP to automatically install them. It does tell you however how to make switches. Well i can make switches all day long but if it does not tell me how to get the actual installer programs into a new install of XP what good are the switches to begin with? [Edit]I found my fix after 2 days of "searching" the forums my fix was [unattended] OemPreinstall=Yes
  4. a 2 year gap between last couple of posts.. is this vaporware? is there a better method to slipstreaming programs into a build? program path selected was %SystemDrive%\Install\ ......... what comes out after saving is %PP%%\Install

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