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    DVD Video/Audio disk creation and OSCDIMG

    I agree that there's an error with OSCDimg Command-Line Options documentation regarding -uv switch. Have you tried out: oscdimg -uv -u1 SourceLocation TargetFile This cmd line successfully creates ISO DVD-Video image file, but I'm getting following: OSCDIMG 2.55 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Premastering Utility Copyright (C) Microsoft, 1993-2007. All rights reserved. Licensed only for producing Microsoft authorized content. Scanning source tree Scanning source tree complete (123 files in 3 directories) Computing directory information WARNING: No AUDIO manager IFO file was found. WARNING: No AUDIO manager VOB file was found. WARNING: No AUDIO manager BUP file was found. WARNING: No AUDIO manager files were found, aborting sort. Computing directory information completeersion to 1.02 Image file is 3463806976 bytes Writing 123 files in 3 directories to C:\Documents and Settings\XPUser\Desktop\DG_SAMPLER.ISO 100% complete Final image file is 3464036352 bytes Done. Probably because of AUDIO_TS folder is empty. However, I couldn't verify if that way created DVD ISO is playable on standalone DVD player, because I don't have one. But, once mounted, Windows Xp recognizes it as a DVD. Here is a cmd line for handy Drag'n'Drop .BAT file: oscdimg.exe -uv -u1 -l%~n1 %1 "%UserProfile%\Desktop\%~n1.ISO" Just drag and drop the folder (which contains AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS subfolders) on the .BAT file and output .ISO will be dumped at desktop. (Make sure that OSCDimg.exe is copied to the "C:\WINDOWS\system32") And one more thing that this .BAT file does is that it takes THE NAME of drag'n'droped folder and forwards it to: File Name, Volume and Volume Set ID of .ISO file, automatically. Beside dvdburn.exe, there's Active@ ISO Burner (CD/DVD/Blue Ray ISO images burner). It's a great companion with OSCDimg.exe and it's a freeware. Supports GUI and command line console.
  2. First of all, thank you for all valuable information shared here. Has anybody tried to add Admin folder into the root of Office 2007 retail version (to enable OCT). Here's a quick tutorial how to grab Admin folder: link Followed the steps, but in my case didn't replace (cause I have Office 2007 pro retail version), just added Admin folder and "setup.exe /admin" is working, now. However, haven't tried installation after creating custom .MSP. Just want to make sure - Is it workable solution? EDIT: Installation went just fine. That means non-VL(K) editions of Office 2007 can use OCT with custom made .MSP! "Admin" folder (from AdminTemplates.exe) has been available since 10/11/2007. Latest one (SP2) can be found here (4/29/2009). Update/add "Admin" folder whether you have VL(K) or non-VL(K). It requires Office 2007 with SP2, but I have doubt about it.
  3. This one is missing Security Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (KB969559) 6/8/2009 Thank you for ULs.