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  1. 98 SE SP 3.32

    What you're saying is quite possibly true, it may all be a coincidence or my knee jerk reaction. I don't even recall the exact content of that warning message (and I obviously didn't try to get to it a second time). The facts are though that I never had any problems with this particular video card and I do tinker with old boxes a lot (although not recently with this particular setup), that I got this warning message during installation of the SP and that I did some tests right afterwards and encountered problems. That's why I'm curious about the matter.
  2. 98 SE SP 3.32

    That's what I just did - I tried to force the video card out of its IRQ by reserving it for a PCI port. Didn't help and I made sure both video and audio cards got different IRQs than before. BTW I recall my second edit from the last post - my GF4 didn't work well when put in another box, although it did work fine with some of games that it hadn't in the original. It's worth mentioning that I redo every test with Geforce 2 which works good every time, so obviously something is not right. It's much older card though so there. I fiddled with video bios shadow settings and AGP memory cache settings. I forgot to check out disabling APIC or forcing AGP x2 or x1 but I give up for now. If anyone has any info on what is the deal with this text window + safe mode thing I would be very interested.
  3. 98 SE SP 3.32

    I am not having any problems under Windows (any version). Issues I have are under DOS mode in windows (F8 boot and then command prompt only option). I get choppy, jerky motion in games (I checked System Shock and Magic Carpet, both are protected mode). During the "chop" the sound is distorted as well so it's like the whole machine is stuttering. This is happening on my Geforce 4 that I installed SP on. If I switch video card to another (I tried GF2 and Radeon 9200) everything is fluid. I don't boot to GUI at all between changes. EDIT: Well there's the possibility that something else is to blame or that the card was faulty already. I have not booted this machine to win98/dos for a long time as I have another for dos games. This one is Tualatin 1.4 and I use it for windows stuff that doesn't like multi core CPUs. That's why I havent cut my wrists yet Anyway I would really like to hear from the author of that pop-up warning that said that running text windows in Safe Mode can corrupt video card. I would have never believed such a thing and that's why I pressed "continue" without hesitation. I would like to learn something from this event. Second Edit: Allright, I put this card in another box (Duron 800, via KT133A) and everything seem to be working fine. Maybe it's a conflict with sound card or something similar. Will investigate further.
  4. 98 SE SP 3.32

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum. Big thanks to everyone involved in creating Win98 Unofficial Service Pack, I've been using it on a couple of my old PCs that I put up to play old games. I ran into some issues with it though and perhaps you could help me learn more about them. I did a thing that I was specifically advised not to do during the installation, that is proceed with it while being in Safe Mode. I got a pop-up that said that running text mode window in safe mode can corrupt my video card. I disregarded it and indeed that is exactly what had happened. The installation continued fine but upon reset I found out that GUI won't start if I have a few things loaded in my autoexec.bat and config.sys and I also got errors and drops to CLI out of a few of dos games. However win2k install that I have on the same machine runs fine, games included. All is fine if I put other video card in. Anyway, can someone in the know please elaborate on what exactly happened and why, and what part on my video card god fried and If I should expect any other problems with it beside these that I already encountered (that is - i wonder If I would be able to use it without problems in Windows mode or should I rather replace it.
  5. I've got a problem with dos drivers for SB Live - when I run the setup file it says I don't have enough disk space on destination drive and that I need to free some space before contunuing or cancel the operation. Of course I've got 400+ MB free on system partition. I would be grateful for a link to (compressed) DOSDrv directory only to copy over current one. Or is the version of SBEINIT.COM in this package newer than 4.05? I managed to find this version some place else.