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  1. nLite barfed with the rollup: "Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU - Hotfix integration failed. Verify that the architecture, language, and service pack level of this service pack update are valid for the target distributon folder. Please report if this is unexpected." So, now what?
  2. I am really hot to get the latest and thensome. The only way i can support (some) is with a few nickels (AKA financially). If this is acceptable, please indicate so, and what a reasonable amount might be. . It might be a while before i get back here to see responses,so please write/copy directly to me: robertbaer(at)localnet(dot)com. Thanks.
  3. I have never had those problems with Win2K; perhaps you should start with a blank or wiped drive. Do the build with the internet connection chopped off; turning power off things these daze does NOT turn things off! Yes, Win2K has a 4GB limit, but that is for a running program (less a small space at the top end); you should find that the OS and most support programs/files will be "outside the box". Be advised that if you manage to trick the system into writing a file larger than 4GB, that there will be troubles in River City (and then some).
  4. That is what i have..a multi-boot machine. Started with Win98SE, added DOS then added Win2K which created the multi-boot choice menu. But it sure would be (very) nice if the sound and video worked..the same way as it does in Win2K...
  5. Did not count number of devices, but those that are not satisfied does not include ACPI; the list is: Motherboard resources Motherboard resources PCI Bridge PCI Card PCI System Management Bus Unknown Device Last 4 are all grouped together. I believe that without the PCI drivers, the MB resources cannot work; all related to one of the "bridges" (North bridge or South bridge) not having software support. And that is why i tried KernelEX and all of the patches i could manage: registry changes to make it see WinXP and 5.10.2600 and same in various boot and boot support files. Came to find
  6. 1. Operating system version: is it Windows 98 Gold (aka First Edition), Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows Millennium? -->Win98SE 2. KernelEx version - as displayed at the bottom of the Compatibility tab or in Add/Remove Programs tab -->Unknown; "compatibility tab"? what is that? first i heard about that. 3. Program vendor, program name and program version. -->KernelEx homepage by Xeno, 4.0 RC2 released on 2009-03-21 4. Description of the problem. -->No clue that it can work 5. Exact steps required to reproduce the problem - what to click and what to press after the
  7. Do not know about ACPI drivers, first i heard that they might be useful or even needed. The Win98 install was done with a different, much older board (and CPU), and it would be big time (a number of daze) to re-install as i would have to start from scratch: blank HD, install Win98SE with upteen programs, then Win2K and its umpteen programs, and try to get all the personal data (larger yet) across; ain't gonna happen. Device manager has two "motherboard resources" (really useful and helpful and complete info, eh?) as not satisfied, default works for monitor; am using a universal VBE9x drive
  8. Well, after a lot of trouble getting an un-corrupted NV8269 driver set, there wre oter problems. Installing it came up with the following absurdity: "no NVIDIA chip found". But the ASUS motherboard M2N-MX SE Plus has an on-board video NVIDIA chip, and the video board i am using also uses an NVIDIA chip! So i decided to ignore that and use the Control Panel Display Advanced section and select the driver OR did i try "add new hardware" (so long ago i do not remember); got the message again. Forcing useage of the driver gives a lot of grief: 640x480 16 colors AT BEST! Patched registry t
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