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  1. I have a few MSI installers that I'm trying to batch to run silently, and the silent switch aren't working in both Windows 7 RC and RTM 64-bit. I'm trying 7-Zip 64-bit. This shows nothing, but does nothing either. @ECHO OFF msiexec /i 7z465-x64.msi /qn This shows the installer progress, but is fully unattended. @ECHO OFF msiexec /i 7z465-x64.msi /qr This happens with almost all of the MSIs I've tried it on. Am I alone here?
  2. ive done exactly that, and can delete files and commit those changes. i can even delete folders out of other directories. what is the deal with Program Files? can someone reproduce this?
  3. After using ImageX to mount the working winpe.wim image, it seems I do not have rights to delete anything under Program Files. This is absurd, what do I have to do to delete them? Anyone able to do this?

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