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  1. I just made an XP Pro SP3 with all the latest hotfixes and updates with nLite, popped it in the computer and let it run. After the drive has been partitioned and formatted, setup started copying the required Windows installation files, then crashed, rebooted, and said that NTLDR is missing. After that point it was an endless loop... and sometimes - if I let the loop run for a bunch of consecutive crash/reboot rounds in a row - I would get a blue screen saying "ntfs.sys is missing or corrupt". I tried many different things but what seemed to have worked was using BartPE (Preinstalled Environment, BartPE, bootable live windows CD) and the CMD prompt from there to copy over the missing NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM files. Windows was then able to install successfully after I copied the missing files back on the hard drive; however, now my ACTUAL Windows folder in the root of the drive is called "WINDOWS.0", and an empty Windows folder (spelled correctly, just 'WINDOWS') is also present. Does anyone know why setup did not just continue installing into the first Windows folder which was created before the NTLDR boot error? Also, why am I getting NTLDR boot errors all of a sudden? I've created multiple nLite installations before without this error ever occurring, but now for some reason I keep getting it. The only thing I am doing differently this time is slipstreaming all the hotfixes and critical updates from Windows Update. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks vaska! Hey I was doing some searching online and also found this thread: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=777302 Would you be able to comment on it as well? There are some pretty good questions on there as well actually that I would like to know too.
  3. Has anyone actually removed media shell handler and all the related WMP components for their nlite installation?
  4. Does it manage all the media info displayed in Explorer, such as on the sidebar or the status bar? Does it display file info in the Properties dialog of a media file? Exactly which function(s) will be lost if shell media handler is removed from Windows components? Which other services and components are dependent on it? Any info will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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