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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to get rid of this message using nlite : I'm pretty sure it must depend on some kind of service or something that can be removed by nlite, but I just can't find which one... any help ? thanx !
  2. Should I use CD or DVD to burn nlited Windows ?

    Hello there, I'm just curious : I've always used CD-Rs to burn my nlited isos because it fits on a CD. But on a modern CD/DVD drive, wouldn't a DVD be faster to load ? has anyone tried or has actual figures ? thanx =)
  3. Hi ! Just found out this tool and it looks really useful, but I have a question : I use a french Windows XP and I'd like WMP11 to be in french too. Will it be in french if I use the installer and hotfixes linked on the page, or do I need another installer and hotfixes ? thanx !
  4. Using Rynavm Integrator AND nLite.

    That's what I was planning to do... But it turned out the update pack did work with nLite, I was just not applying it correctly (I was trying to add each update separatly, instead of just the whole archive). I will install now and see if everything works =)
  5. Using Rynavm Integrator AND nLite.

    Ok, thanx for the input RickSteele, then I guess I'll stick to nLite and go without those updates ^^;
  6. Using Rynavm Integrator AND nLite.

    Hi everyone. I'm about to reburn my windows XP with nLite, but I'd like to integate a french post-SP2 update pack, which seems to work only with RyanVM integrator (nLite reports several errors when I try to integrate it, and the author says he only supports RyanVM), so I was wondering : Can I use RyanVM to integrate this update pack, and then use nLite for everything else ? Is there any problem with it ? any incompatibility issue between the two ? Thanks !