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  1. How to change this (Please Wait) screen?

    ummm! good ? sorry, but i think my mother is calling me...
  2. this is funny yeah, or is it just me...?
  3. ntoskrnl and updating

    thank you kind sir'' may you live in eternally harmony!
  4. ntoskrnl and updating

    i know i have seen it in a some topics/forum, but a custom search is not giving me much. i would like to know what ms update/updates are responsible for replacing specifically ntoskrnl.exe.i generally use "WinXP_Pro_Vista BootScreen Blue (5857)_addon" for my custom ntoskrnl.exe .so now after updating, my kernel is replaced with the default ms one. cheers, and thank you.
  5. Having trouble making it silent/unattended?

    Would be interested to know "Firefox Setup 3.6.3.exe" -ms -ira" :: what, ""-ira"" does? You indeed put some work into that batch .
  6. Thanks for the update
  7. [SOLVED]Customizing my logonUI.exe

    try this, logonui.exe should help..
  8. im tring to compress my unattended to the max. so im looking to cut unnecessary bits and pieces . starting with display drivers. running nvidia display drivers per say . question is which files can i cut and still have fuctional control. using nlite to incorporate these generally asks for a single file or a folder i not quite sure which ones to allocate and wihich to exclude and still have a clean install per say without any errors.. any feed back would be greatly appreciated. p.s love this place..should be more like it.. disclaimer: only been doing this unattended thing for a few weeks, i have read hundreds of posts. so please be kind if i messed things up .. i.e wrong section, wrong forum , wrong universe....
  9. trying to preinstall dlls

    thanks a bunch .
  10. please help need to preinstall dll required for playing some portable games of mine. to be precise d3dx9_26.dll. put both the dll and inf file into i386, im pretty new at this, to say the least. so bear with me. also entered dll into dosnet.inf, but no cigar. question really is , is this dll part of a framework version, or am i totally off track? thanks a bunch - any help at all.. p.s great site.. B)