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  1. Figured out my problem: The window (the delete command) was hidden but the window of CMDOW running was the one visible. Ended using a link to the .cmd file which has the CMDOW @ /HID in it. The link is minized but still showing briefly on the taskbar, which is allright.
  2. Hmm... doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong - should I make a shortcut to the file or is it OK to just make an entry in fx. startup folder/registry pointing to that CMD file?
  3. I'm trying to get it to work as well. I need the file Winamp.m3u to be deleted on startup and for that I've created a CMD file in the same folder, containing: @echo off cmdow @ /hid /min del winamp.m3u When I run it I still see the window - both as it pops up and on the taskbar. What am I doing wrong... I guess I'm using cmdow in a wrong way, I just don't know how. Let me know.
  4. Figured it out . Found all entries in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\ and deleted: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\.p2p (<- Don't know why this was put here) Don't remove the 'explore' key - then you can't double-click & open folders in explorer... just tried it out
  5. Thanx MCT, found the thread. I'll go through those keys... se if there's any similarity.
  6. Notice Open/Open with on the Recycle bin righclick menu - and since they're not needed in any way I'd like to remove them. Honestly I don't think it's possible because those entries are added to all folders... but maybe I'm wrong. Any of you experts know???
  7. I believe it's solved now... by doing a reinstall of the browser. Thanx for pointing me in another direction, faf4life.
  8. Seems like it could be so... even though IE is what NetCaptor is based on, I don't see them (yet) using IE 6.0. Better try reinstalling NetCaptor or trying the lastest version.
  9. Yeah of course a dumb a** suggestion like that would show up. f***heads are everywhere...
  10. I'm using Windows XP and the browser is NetCaptor. A couple of days ago I reinstalled windows but now it wont show GIF files correctly. Some works, some doesn't - and those that don't, I can get to work by right clicking and choosing Show Picture. So it's not because the pictures are wrong/disappeared. It's showed with a RED X. I've checked the GIF key in the registry and it's set correct with a Content Type = image/gif, and a Percieved Type = image. I don't know what to do next... please help!
  11. What am I doing wrong with this /silent command ... it just opens the program: "E:\Appz\Visual Effects Changer XP v1.0.0\SetVisualEffects.exe" "/silent" Thx
  12. Hmm... I've triede exporting both keys (...\Desktop & ...\Advanced) - then disabling the option 'Use the following transition...' which had 'Fade effect' on ... then exporting both keys again and compared with the first set and I don't see any difference. The reason I need this specific option is not only creating an unattented XP CD but also when I use Cubase SX it automatically turns it on ... very weird ... and I hate it . Need at key to simply turn it of when done with Cubase SX. Thx
  13. Hmm... can't find the place to turn it off ...
  14. Ahh could be something with that. I don't use automatic update - I use AutoPatcher instead - but anyway I've turned automatic update completely off. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something critical - and I don't believe it is. Maybe MS would like people to update when this appears but I'd rather control the update myself .
  15. I've tried searching for info on this icon but can't find anything ... Sometimes it showes up and disappears again if I click on it - but what's the point of that ? This is what I'm talking about: Please let me know
  16. Got this from another place ... maybe it's useful to some of ya: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\flashfxp] @="URL:flashfxp Protocol" "EditFlags"=hex:02,00,00,00 "URL Protocol"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\flashfxp\DefaultIcon] @="\"c:\\Program Files\\flashfxp\\flashfxp.exe\"" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\flashfxp\Shell] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\flashfxp\Shell\open] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\flashfxp\Shell\open\command] @="\"c:\\Program Files\\flashfxp\\flashfxp.exe\" %1" The use: flashfxp://user:pass@server.com:port or flashfxp://server.com:port When clicking on such a link, it will open a connection to the server. It will open a new sesion of flashfxp. I think that you can also specify a file on that link: flashfxp://user:pass@server.com:port/path_for_the_file/file.ext (It is something that flashfxp should support, and I think it does). Port: If the port is 21 then you can use it without the :port Note: When you click a link it opens a new sesion, it doesn't check if you are already connected to that server, so if you wanna queue lots of files from that server then just use the flasfhfxp link to connect to the server and queue them manualy.
  17. This is cool - thank you so much I tried checking TweakUI but can't do it that way - but this works. I'll check out the different plugins - see I need 'em. Descriptions for the plug-ins are found through Help > About Adobe Plug-Ins if anyone else wants to check it out ...
  18. How do I change the location of 'My eBooks' - when using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader ... anyone knows? In version 5 you could change it from within the reader but not anymore - now we're stuck with the 'My-blah-blah' construction set which I personally don't like. Can't find it in the registry but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places ... that's why I come to you guys .
  19. No problem. Try this one then : Key: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.html\ShellNew] "Nullfile"="" "DATA"=hex:3c,21,44,4f,43,54,59,50,45,20,48,54,4d,4c,20,50,55,42,4c,49,43,20,\ 22,2d,2f,2f,57,33,43,2f,2f,44,54,44,20,48,54,4d,4c,20,34,2e,30,31,2f,2f,45,\ 4e,22,20,22,68,74,74,70,3a,2f,2f,77,77,77,2e,77,33,2e,6f,72,67,2f,54,52,2f,\ 68,74,6d,6c,34,2f,73,74,72,69,63,74,2e,64,74,64,22,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,48,54,\ 4d,4c,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,48,45,41,44,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,4c,49,4e,4b,20,52,45,\ 4c,3d,22,53,54,59,4c,45,53,48,45,45,54,22,20,54,59,50,45,3d,22,54,45,58,54,\ 2f,43,53,53,22,20,48,52,45,46,3d,22,53,54,59,4c,45,2e,43,53,53,22,3e,0d,0a,\ 0d,0a,3c,54,49,54,4c,45,3e,20,20,3c,2f,54,49,54,4c,45,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,4d,\ 45,54,41,20,48,54,54,50,2d,45,51,55,49,56,3d,22,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,2d,54,\ 59,50,45,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,54,45,58,54,2f,48,54,4d,4c,3b,20,\ 43,48,41,52,53,45,54,3d,49,53,4f,2d,38,38,35,39,2d,35,22,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,\ 4d,45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,45,3d,22,47,45,4e,45,52,41,54,4f,52,22,20,43,4f,4e,\ 54,45,4e,54,3d,22,22,3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,45,3d,22,41,55,54,\ 48,4f,52,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,22,3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,4e,\ 41,4d,45,3d,22,4b,45,59,57,4f,52,44,53,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,22,\ 3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,45,3d,22,44,45,53,43,52,49,50,54,49,4f,\ 4e,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,22,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,2f,48,45,41,44,3e,\ 0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,42,4f,44,59,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,2f,42,4f,44,59,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,\ 3c,2f,48,54,4d,4c,3e Output: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> <HTML> <HEAD> <LINK REL="STYLESHEET" TYPE="TEXT/CSS" HREF="STYLE.CSS"> <TITLE> </TITLE> <META HTTP-EQUIV="CONTENT-TYPE" CONTENT="TEXT/HTML; CHARSET=ISO-8859-5"> <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT=""> <META NAME="AUTHOR" CONTENT=""> <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=""> <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT=""> </HEAD> <BODY> </BODY> </HTML>
  20. Creating a new HTML in the right click menu; Created for war59312 This is the key: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.html\ShellNew] "Nullfile"="" "DATA"=hex:3c,21,44,4f,43,54,59,50,45,20,48,54,4d,4c,20,50,55,42,4c,49,43,20,\ 22,2d,2f,2f,57,33,43,2f,2f,44,54,44,20,48,54,4d,4c,20,34,2e,30,31,2f,2f,45,\ 4e,22,20,22,68,74,74,70,3a,2f,2f,77,77,77,2e,77,33,2e,6f,72,67,2f,54,52,2f,\ 68,74,6d,6c,34,2f,73,74,72,69,63,74,2e,64,74,64,22,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,48,54,\ 4d,4c,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,48,45,41,44,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,54,49,54,4c,45,3e,20,\ 4e,65,77,20,44,6f,63,75,6d,65,6e,74,20,3c,2f,54,49,54,4c,45,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,\ 3c,4c,49,4e,4b,20,52,45,4c,3d,22,53,54,59,4c,45,53,48,45,45,54,22,20,54,59,\ 50,45,3d,22,54,45,58,54,20,43,53,53,22,20,48,52,45,46,3d,22,53,54,59,4c,45,\ 2e,43,53,53,22,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,48,54,54,50,2d,45,51,55,49,\ 56,3d,22,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,2d,54,59,50,45,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,\ 22,54,45,58,54,2f,48,54,4d,4c,3b,20,43,48,41,52,53,45,54,3d,22,57,49,4e,44,\ 4f,57,53,2d,31,32,35,31,22,3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,45,3d,22,47,\ 45,4e,45,52,41,54,4f,52,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,22,3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,\ 45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,45,3d,22,41,55,54,48,4f,52,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,\ 3d,22,22,3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,45,3d,22,4b,45,59,57,4f,52,44,\ 53,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,22,3e,0d,0a,3c,4d,45,54,41,20,4e,41,4d,\ 45,3d,22,44,45,53,43,52,49,50,54,49,4f,4e,22,20,43,4f,4e,54,45,4e,54,3d,22,\ 22,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,2f,48,45,41,44,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,42,4f,44,59,3e,0d,0a,\ 0d,0a,3c,2f,42,4f,44,59,3e,0d,0a,0d,0a,3c,2f,48,54,4d,4c,3e And the output: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> New Document </TITLE> <LINK REL="STYLESHEET" TYPE="TEXT CSS" HREF="STYLE.CSS"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="CONTENT-TYPE" CONTENT="TEXT/HTML; CHARSET="WINDOWS-1251"> <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT=""> <META NAME="AUTHOR" CONTENT=""> <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=""> <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT=""> </HEAD> <BODY> </BODY> </HTML>

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