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  1. ok, i installed it again with the bdasup.sys in the c:\windows\inf and it went ok, this time WITH the automatic restart. then, when it got to the 'ctrl-alt-del log in' screen i got bsod. after another restart i got into desktop but after launching my tv software (winfast) i again got 'failed to build graph' then i downloaded another program, 'DScaler' which also reported error (can't load hardware driver, possibly caused by corrupt installation. reboot and try again. file c:\source\deintelace\dscalerbuild4115\dscaler\dscaler\providers.ccp line 488). then i downloaded and installed the latest winfast version and it worked, kinda. there was no 'failed to build graph' message, i can get into the setup, choose my country and all, but every time after scanning the channels, the application crashes... can someone tell me how to fix this problem? or maybe you know some other, better application for my leadtek 2000 xp expert tv card? thanks edit: i tried to press 'stop scanning' before it's finished, but that also makes it crash. edit2: i gave up.
  2. i need some help with getting my tv card to work... - installed win server 2008 x64 - installed drivers for motherboard, sound and graphics - installed the latest directx - installed klite codec pack - enabled audio and desktop experience - installed drivers for my tv card (leadtek tv 2000 xp expert) and software for it (winfast) - put 'bdaforserver' in c:\ (with those files from vista x64 in proper folder) and i ran setup (with admin privileges). it asked for file 'BdaSup.sys' (i found on forums that shahed said that it needs to be in ...\system32\ so i put it there - i copied it from 'bda' folder (bdaforserver\bda)) then windows was listing bunch of '1 file copied' in command prompt window and then it asked again for the 'BdaSup.sys', so i again browsed to it. installation was done, but there was no automatic restart? in instrucitons it says that there should be one? anyway, i restarted computer manually and when it was entering desktop there were few errors....something about missing files...when i restarted it again so i could write down those errors they were gone. and finally, i start my winfast and get the 'famous' 'failed to build graph' message. PLEASE HELP, im desperate here edit: there are no /!\ in device manager, everything is the way it should be