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  1. Trouble IIyama drivers

    I use a program called devcon.exe for my monitor & soundcard, downloaded somewhere from microsoft's site. It seems about the same as that compaq util.
  2. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    @ simo: you're using comand instead of command, could that be it?
  3. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Hi, I've been saving up some ideas for the config files, and worked them out a bit. First I suggest stepping off the ini file format, to remove the need of those sequence numbers, they get to be a real pain when inserting or moving programs. For the rest here's an example: [Category name] ; As current program=Program name ;The name show on screen ;This also acts as the divider bestween programs and thus ;must be the first of a block of related lines. description=Longer desctription of the program description=Preferably be able to give multiple lines description=Shown only for the currently selected app description=Perheps make a text field above the list box description=Or maybe as a popup tooltip box description=Less urgent than the rest and can wait for a later release selected, hide, file, etc command=install app command=install extra files command=regfile command=copy shortcut ;Multiple commands as requested by many ;These a not shown or individually selectable program=Another program ... Hope you like it